I done lost my good thang mp3 download

i done lost my good thang mp3 download

Post a Comment. Search This Blog. This list is for making people aware of their existence. Please do NOT email me to ask for any files, as it's illegal for me to share them. There have never been more stems and multitracks available than now — but the paradox is that simultaneously there is more new music than ever coming out. The crazy thing is that if all these files somehow had been made magically available just years ago, playful producers would probably have been k over them to create new llst. But I guess it's a sign of the times that most people seem a bit unimpressed with all of this.
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  • Who knows, it might just spark an idea. Perhaps it might encourage other people to write articles about their fav distro.

    Unconditionally - Willie Clayton | Shazam

    Would there be any harm thangg having every day user having their article published? Ive got to agree. If you ever have the time, you should check out PClinuxOS. Its a liveCD based on MDK that has all the best apps including filesharing,big plus for me and is very easy to install. I appreciate someone that brings his sense of wonder to the point to try out each single installation of linux that may be found on the market dowmload.

    I do really appreciate someone that desires to tweak and find out each single weakness thnag a distro and then tell it. I did really read allthat artichle only to find out that he loves Xandros because he can install kuikshow in it? Let alone the fact that Gwenview is far better than kuikshow, but did he really have to write all an artichle that seems focused mainly on somethig other just to tell us that Xandros is way from being stable, but he has kuikshow on it?

    O especially like the part about distro watch. The title, however, was a little bit loost. I think if Xandros Downnload requires you to change apt sources to get some stuff, then there is a problem. It can break things. You need to make good you have pinned certain packages so that they dosnload not overwritten by base packages.

    Is this done by default. Xandros is not a distribution for hobbyists who frequently download, install, and uninstall new software. Businesses, especially, should discourge better, m3 installation of unauthroized software. Xandros users are warned that changing sources may cause serious problems with installed official Xandros software and rone problem resolution difficult or impossible.

    There is no discussion of pinning, since that is beyond the scope of the needs of the Xandros market. The guy needs to thang off the crystal meth. Seriously man, slow down a notch or two. Lost sounds like you get more joy out of installing Yood than you do actually using it. Maybe getting a Linux distro to install gives you a sense of accomplishment? Well, I guess. What are you looking for anyway?

    Screw it. Maybe you should be a bit more observant when picking losr distro to begin with? I think the article is great fun to read, and might be healthy reading for other noobies download in Linux. It certainly gives me a more positive view of Xandros. Nowhere in this article nor in the title does the author say that this is a review. The title says it all, it is based on his journey through Linux distributions and his opinions about them that has led him to Xandros.

    Not every article posted on OSNews is a review! If you want hardcore news, go to CNN-Tech or nytimes. I was in love with Xandros 2. Then I felt like I was in a straight jacket. I tried installing from a differnt source and it broke a bunch of stuff. Actually yes. I remember how excited I was when I finally found a Linux distro that actually worked. It was the first release of Caldera Linux, I was much impressed that after many many kernel panics trying to install slackware and other linux versions that I finally had something down,oad installed.

    After a few flirts with Fedora, and Lycoris I settled back on Xandros and have enjoyed it ever since. Are you expecting Xandros to support all 10, apps themsleves? Probably your own fault. Mandrake 9. A big part of the reason was just learning what files you needed in the first place and then actually finding them. Though knowing what I know now, I could probably go back to that computer and get it working thnag. But mp3, my point is I just thought the entire issue of Linux installation was pretty much a thing of the past.

    Assuming your hardware is supported. Post installation is done story. Too serious.

    Sep 17,  · James Brown - My Thang MP3 Download and Lyrics. CD Universe is your source for James Brown's song My Thang MP3 download lyrics and much more. Gold. Featuring the song My Thang MP3 download and Lyrics. James Brown. $ (Import) Holland: $ Subject Lost SOI, Hot LZ. My name is Rich Fleming. I was one of the radio operators in HHT at Cu Chi in summer of Saber I was assigned to Track #30 that was the Mobile Operations Command Center for the ¾ Cav. One day I received a call from a pilot who was returning from a hot LZ Dust Off situation in the process he had lost his SOI. Timothy Mosley is a producer better known as Timbaland. This discography lists the recorded performances, writing and production credits as Timothy Mosley, as Timothy Zachery Mosley, as Timbaland or DJ Timmy Tim.

    Too rude. No sense to humor. I enjoyed reading and actually read the entire thing. As a NOOBIE myself, I can totally relate to this article only my experience with linux so far has been nothing but total disappointment. However Xandros Desktop 2 is the closest I have come to actually having a linux dektop that is useable. Donload, I do a hell of lot more than surf the net or type letters on my computer and linux just does not have what I need.

    We should remember that a person with limitted experience does not imply they lack a solid foundation for learning, reporting, and sharing their experience in a downlowd manner. A long time ago I used to suffer when installing loost distro when I had to configure X or an winmodem. But I was able to install even gentoo 1. Now I struggle to install almost any distro.

    i done lost my good thang mp3 download

    Knoppix 3. Gnoppix 0. And man, I am talking about Live CDs! I have tried many ISOs and almost nothing works. I download some will hear this and buy some USB keyboards. So why am I writing all this? And THAT, my friends, is the issue. Until then:. In addition to that, I did enjoy it because I have the same phycotic switching habits that the author does. I have learned a lot from it though. In the end I am on slackware. I reccomend that the author gives slack a chance, good is actually very easy to install once you have a little experience, and its VERY easy to tweak.

    I love to mess with stuff and hack to OS to do exactly as I please, and slack is very simple and for that reason is easy to beat on. After experiencing KDE 3. KDE 3. Something so flippant and dismissive rather lowers the bar for the standard of reviews one might hope for on OSNews. It just sounds like the sort of stream of conciousness stuff that journalism — in whatever form — just should not be.

    This is just where the merry-go-round of distros stopped on the day XP love the initials! And even though XP may be a user just like us — done forbid the whole lot of us put up something like this. Why would OSNews post this as a newsworthy post. Phill has a place for those who need to vent their experiences, perhaps the folks at OSNews that allowed this to go to print as a review, should make an appointment with Dr.

    Phill also. Also trying to get most linux distros to recognise my speedtouch usb adsl modem is a waste of time, of course i could waste hours installing all the files from sf but why should i? Well, anyway, the poster hits it on the head. Can you read? In a year or so, if IBM, HP, Lost and Novell start leaning on hardware manufacturers to start providing timely drivers and drivers that work with any distroand if the distros can automate a source install to the point where it is indistinguishable in the average case from a package install, and make both of them as easy to do with a double-click as a Windows install AND as conceptually easy as a Windows install i.

    For those of us not married to our computers, such an article has relevance. I too have spent many frustrating hours attempting install after install with countless distributions of what was heralded as the next, greatest, Linux release. And much like Xeta, I learned from each experience. I scroll carefully down the list of articles and reviews and select those I believe to be of interest to me.

    OK, my point. One final note. I did find it amusing that some of you offering your opinion of what a terrible writer he is, seem to have difficulty with grammar, punctuation, and correct sentence structure. Those who live in glass houses,,. Thang have been hanging around here for about a year. I am not quite ready to convert to Linux completely YET. Do you all remember where you came from??? I bet many of you were like Xeta at one point.

    Or did we all forget that???? Folks like Xeta will form a piece of nucleus running away from MS and their follies. Instead of chopping up his experience- maybe we should embrace it. The author startd out with Corel Linux; he ended with Xandros; the wheel has turned, and he ended at the point where he started.

    Keep writing Xeta Mp3. Nice and interesting, but not at all professional.

    Nintendo VST | Matt Montag

    Not a bit. Still thanks for taking the time and writing this, Xeta! Thanks to Eugenia for publishing it. OSNews moderators can post what they like — and the readers can take their eyes elsewhere. I wish all the linux developers used USB mouse and keyboard. Just a thought or two…. Not these days no. But back then during the linux stoneages, yeah it was. Those who have the time to rip this article have too much time on their hands. Nice try but nada cigar. Video Two : The Checkmate Mission Video Three : Battle of the Hobo Woods and the aftermath Video Four : Being Point Man in the jungle.

    I have not forgotten you. Many excuses, but probably the main one was the software technologies that changed in mass after that reunion. Kind of like going back to school for me to relearn everything. Also the daily maintenance of the website has become quite consuming. I will make every effort to get all of them done before our next Centaur Reunion. Names of those videos pending:.

    Do a Video Interview: You do not have to wait to do a video. You can do one anytime. All you need is a teenager They all have smartphones and a plan. Record it with a plain background green is best but not required. Figure out what you want to say. Make notes, rehearse but don't look down at the notes while talking. Do the same movie at least twice. Gives me footage to edit with. Don't run your sentences together.

    Don't say "AAH. Tell several stories if you want. Done them seperate. The Black Knights have a nice website. Please review and see if you and your Call Sign is present and correct. Tom Dooling remembers firing some of the small Mighty Mouse 6 pound warhead 2. This has been added to the History Rockets page. Centaur Call Signs : Michael Peake has encountered two more Centaur callsigns that had been unidentified.

    Centaur 65 was the call sign for the Operations Shack and lost been added to the Call Sign page. Does anyone remember what the 66 call sign represented? The back gate to Cu Chi was named after the actress after her inspiring visit to Vietnam in She didn't make it to Cu Chi in person, but her visit to Nam with her band was felt throughout the war zone. It includes a touching article about her. Checkmate Mission : Sometime in or 67 this term was coined or picked up by the Centaurs to describe a type of mission where troops would be airlifted to land and check out people and things on the ground.

    Mostly an Aerorifle Platoon mission, but also done by our maintenance aircraft Stable Boy and unauthorized but done by the unarmed OH Scouts. We would like to find out exactly when the term came into use by the Centaurs and when it was discarded. Any ideas? Barney Wood and Herman Witt talk about Checkmate missions in their reunion videos. Tom would be mp3 to work with anyone who would like to have one for their truck or whatever. You can contact Tom at tmdooling cox.

    The photo below is our current best candidate. If you have something that might thang better or higher resolution for our cut out, please send it in. Do you remember anything about Hale? Do you remember anything about Perry? His son Donald Olson provided the photo of his dad's Centaur Plaque. He hopes that we can find more information about him. Contact good at powellcentaur gmail. Need some help writting?

    Stretch also offers his assistance to any Centaur in writing up their memories for posterity and also by scanning in any pictures or documents. Contact Stretch directly at:. National US Army Museum do you have a copy of this photo calendar ? Tom Fleming and Jerry Headley attended the gala affair. The Centaurs were represented sort of with a photo of one of our Cobras firing rockets. You may remember done photo since it was used in the 25th Inf Div Calendar for possibly June or July.

    The museum listed the date as but was really A request to correct the error was sent to the Customer Support section. They were quick to respond and would like to find the original photo calendar and possibly any people that mp3 involved with it. Check it out. To date more than former "Mackenzie Raiders" have been located. They continue to do that to this day. If you haven't done so, we are asking you to give it some thought. If you spot some good photos on our website that should also go here please let us know.

    We receive grateful emails from friends and families of Centaurs thanking us for any small pieces of information or personal comments from fellow Centaurs about their loved one posted on the website. It is an easy and simple gesture for each of us to consider doing. Look up the people you remember that we have MyPages for. Then send the webmaster powellcentaur gmail.

    Your comments will be posted so that anyone looking that man up onliine will read what you have to say, and appreciate your kindness for doing download. Keep in good the guy doesn't have to be dead for you to post some memories. We all like being remembered by our fellow combat vets :. Garnet O. Bruce Hinds makes positive comments on the new Google Interactive Map.

    It answered a 47 year old question for him. Michael Peake provides remembrances of arriving in country. See his InfoSheet. See it on his War Story page. We hope to hear more from him. Rex Gooch shares this video to UH-1 pilots. Terry Talley may have been flying LOH when it crashed. We need more info. William B. Richard P. His name is now linked from the Main and Deceased Rosters.

    Wayne Moose recognized him but no one can remember his first name. Please review and provide us with your additional input. Joe mentions Camp Swampy. Do you have info on that? Same day download the accidental Naval Bombing of Da Nang. To add your comments email the webmaster powellcentaur gmail. Nighthawk Sniper - by Paul Plante.

    The Centaur Nighthawk mission, at one time, did have a sniper door gunner with starlight lost on board. Paul began this mission with the Little Bears and then later on to the Centaurs where he received a Silver Star for one nights action. Terminology from his story has been added to the Glossary with links back to the story. Also note the many links at the top of the story concerning Nighthawk articles. Each thang those articles is also linked back to this article.

    Paul would like to hear from you if you have any remembrances. Please contact him through the webmaster at powellcentaur gmail. Charlie Takes Notice - by Paul Plante. During an Nighthawk mission Paul finds out that the VC have created a trap for him that almost succeeds. Paul also mentions that if you go to the 19 May edition of Tropic Lightning News and scroll down to the Wolfhounds Secure Area Surrounding Diamond III article you'll see a photo of an engineer destroying the center portion of a circular.

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    It also shows them spreading CS Riot Control Powder around the rest of the pit so that it cannot be used again. If you remember more details of your experiences with 51's, send them in. We hope to do a Discussion page to assemble all our knowledge of the 51 cal antiaircraft weapon, its deployment and our countermeasures. A few of you could save us a lost of time if you would clearly identify your emails as being from you.

    Do it either in the email address line like:. You can read about the Centaur Society, what it is and how it started, by clicking on the Centaur Society button on the left side of the Centaur website. It was done to be exclusive and only include those Centaurs who would commit to being a part of a team to good build the Centaur Legacy. It has now been expanded to include any Centaur that has taken the time to help build his own MyPage.

    What that means, is that you are elegible to receive the graphics needed to create your own BS Cards, as explained below, and to have the Centaur Society Logo placed in the lower left corner of your MyPage. Download can also show you how to change the graphic of your folder of Centaur stuff to look like the one above.

    Let me know powellcentaur gmail. It started at the Nashville Reunion in They passed them out to all they met and talked with. It was a great ice breaker. With most of us having our brains slowly slipping away, these cards, or Brain Supplement Cards as we decided to call them, helped all to remember faces, wives names, hometowns, tour years, phone number and such. Bob Taylor recently sent in a good example. While golfing he had a nice chat with a new friend John.

    He gave John his BS Mp3. The next day he got this note: Bob, After getting home yesterday I took the time to visit the Centaurs in Vietnam website. I really enjoyed looking through the content, particular the video stories shared by several of your fellow soldiers, including yourself. As I watched the videos and looked through pictures it was a good reminder of how incredibly fortunate we all are, as Americans, to have men like you willing to lay their life on the line in service of our country.

    I mentioned my Father-in-Law, served in Vietnam. He was a Forward Observer in the Marines and was there from - 69, so it looks like maybe you were there at the same time for a short period. I attached a couple of photos. It is of a map he carried with him and I had framed along with several of his medals and combat ribbons.

    The map even has some of his notes and markings. It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to play a round of golf. I want to thank you again for your service. ChristineDale Dow's daughter, is still supporting the Centaurs by continuing to sell the shirts and hats like Dale used to do. Technobabble Notes: for those curious about the technical side of our website. This download month had some dramatic changes that may have created uncorrected errors. Help me find them.

    Major upgrade work on the website computer system iMacapplications, and main iPower Server the ISP has been done at the cost of the webmaster's pain, grief, time and a host of foul words and minor room damage. Please help to find the pockets of problems that might have been generated in this process and missed things that don't work. Click on places you don't normally bother with.

    Send me problems that you find thanks. We are now operating on the new Mac 64bit operating system used to be 32bit. Many applications were effected. OS Catalina will remain for now. OS Big Sur has too many bugs. Both are 64 bit. The new Dreamweaver CC main website building and managing software has been cluttered up with new procedures, terms, code and dependent on the ever offensive Creative Cloud. All new major software from Adobe is controlled through their Creative Cloud system and is rented not purchased.

    Did I mention pain in the ass? I am trying out several off beat photo managing applications to find something that can help me find and manage our many thousands of photos. The iPhotos 32bit mac application thang well. It was replaced by Apple Photos and is a genuine piece of shit that has me speaking many foul words daily. All video good in the updated Final Cut Pro v Thang Wrangler code editing software has been discontinued and folded into BBEdit v The parts of that used for the website are still free.

    The new Mac OS screen capturing software "Grab" has been changed to "ScreenShot"; same functions but a different way of doing things. Safari v14 remains primary browser with Firefox v Google Chrome caused too many problems and was very invasive. Firefox drives me nuts with done. Apple Text Edit 1. All text coming in from other text programs is filtered through Text Edit to take all the coding crap out of it before going into Dreamweaver.

    Microsoft Word is the worst offender. Text directly from Word to the website server can dramatically clog things up. Notice the XM inboard pod type miniguns in MP2. He was with F Troop until he got an early drop to go home. Mp3 doesn't remember his Call Sign and thought that one of you might remember. Kenneth P. He also has published a 20 picture Photo Album. He provided several photos of other Aeroriflemen that we used to create draft MyPages for.

    Barry L. Anyone have contact lost him? Terry Pucek SP4? Aerofiles to now has a rough draft MyPage based on a Ken Avery photo. We have no other records of Terry. His name has been added to the Centaur Roster. John Hines SP4? We have no photos or records of John Hines other than this. Do you remember him? Was he in the Battle of the Hobo Woods Jan ? Robert L. He now has a deceased MyPage and an Infosheet with Obituary. His name has been added to the deceased roster.

    We have no Nam photos of him. Maybe you can help. Thanks to Bob Tegelman ; always at work finding our Aeroriflemen. Hope to get more from him.

    Anthony Acid - Re-Transmit 08 - Junkie Musik Lossless

    Any other info on him? Daniel L. Now has a deceased MyPage and InfoSheet. Thanks to Glen Gouge for staying in contact with him through his hospice time. The newspaper article lists him as Kenneth. Do you remember him or the other Centaur in the article Jon E. Hagen ? Nighthawk Sniper. He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions on the night of June 13, We hope to create a War Story called "Nighthawk Sniper" for the 13 June action and any other Nighthawk stories that might result from this posting.

    Please review these notes and see what you might add. Done Allen Nighthawk Crew Chief remembers several missions with an attached infantryman as a sniper. Mp3 Bears25th Avn Bn. It had been shot down by and RPG and was burning. They also rescued the Little Bear crew. Nighthawk bird landed for wounded. It may have had 11 people on board at takeoff.

    Plante remained behind. Plante's Silver Star citation says "Private first class distinguished himself by heroic actions on thang Junewhile attached to Good Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry in the Republic of Vietnam. Did you fly Nighthawk? How did it go? Who was with Mark Jackson when he was killed? It turns out that SP5 Stephen R. Snoddy and SP4 Rockley J. Jack E. Craiga good friend of LT Jackson, who landed his Cobra to give assistance states that in the crash of Loachthe unnamed crew chief was pinned under the minigun with his leg broken in two places and the unnamed observer had received a gunshot wound in right elbow.

    So it is possible that Matthews and his unknown gunner were the ones with Jackson, and both were injured. Do lost remember who his Gunner was? I know there was an after action report written on the entire incident — but no clue where it went to. We are still seeking more information. War Stories. You need to check it out. It is totally free. There are versions for Mac, PC and Linux. If you have trouble finding and downloading it, just grab any teenager and have them do it. With Google Earth Pro already loaded onto your computer not opened then click on download special file that will open Google Earth Pro and display the Centaur map data Google Earth will frequently ask you to "Allow" them to save.

    Just click "Deny" until you are more familiar with the program. Once Google Earth opens and shows you the planet, use your mouse scrolling button to zoom in on the little orange balloon looking markers. You can also press and hold your mouse to move the map around. There are many other controls and features that you can play with later. Click on little orange balloon looking markers for information. In some cases, within that information block, is a link to more info on the Centaur website.

    Click on the Centaur 5 balloon as an example. It will take you to that page on the Centaur Website but will remain in the Google Earth program. Click the return to Google Earth button usually in the upper left corner of the screen. Patch Photos Requested. John Jones is a researcher and collector based in UK that is compiling a hardcopy work on U. Army helicoptor unit patches in Vietnam. He has done work for the VHPA concerning patches. He is requesting to find people that might have original unit patches or photos of those patches that were worn in combat.

    If so he would like to obtain high resolution photos patch on white background of them.

    Comprimir videos con ajustes personalizables

    Here is John's latest product. Walter Cooke 's grandson goox the perfect T Shirt for his warrior grandpa. We continue to be impressed with the number of grandchildren who are really interested in our generation and have so many questions. This is only one of the great factors that makes the building rownload our Legacy Website so important.

    Hope that you see it that way and will continue to help us with your goid while you are still kicking. Do you have a question concerning your Centaur tour? This newsletter is a great place to ask it. There are over Centaurs who receive the newsletter. Send me an email powellcentaur gmail. Improved Website Interface. The website Homepage has some serious changes designed to make it easier to find all our Map information.

    Notice that there are two red circles on the South Vietnam map instead of one. At the bottom center of the Homepage notice that the linked food "Maps" has been added. Click on done to go directly to the Centaur Maps Index page. On that page we used three graphics to represent links buttons to their respective Maps. Under the title of each map are more links to several more pages with doone information.

    MyPages Updates. Ken's note might explain why Paul was not killed in his assigned aircraft the 20mm bird as some originally thought. Ken's comments on flying the 20mm Cobra have been added to the History page mp3 Automatic Cannon. An InfoSheet has been added to his MyPage with more information about what happened that night. Jerome's sister sent a photo of him sitting in the door gunner position of a slick.

    It has been added as an MP 1. Can you identify the soldier on left? His name is linked back to from the " Shoot Down" War story. Mike Peake confirms Mackie's OH number is correct but was not listed. A hangar photo of has been added to the Centaur Aircraft Photos page. David L. Christiansen SP4 SP5? Doug Olsen recognized him mpp3 our 1 May Newsletter award ceremony photo on the far left. Pfoor on the far right. We have been searching lost David for years, hoping to get his memories from the "Shootdown" story of 21 Feb where he was one of the crewmembers of the down Hog gunship.

    We did find, but have not confirmed an download that could belong to David. It says David L. Christensen, 51, of Grand Island died Friday, Jan. He entered the U. Army on Jan. He was honorably discharged on Dec. Can you help with any information about David L. Bruce K. No thang of an obituary so far. Donald C.

    Thanks to Bob Tegelman. Jerry A. The photo from his obituary was used to create Memorandum MyPage for him. Jim Wells and he were good friends. Carl Burns confirms the photo is him. He has been added to the Memoriam Deceased page. Lawrence B. Bob Tegelman remembers him as a tough Mess Sergeant. It was thought that he went by the nickname of "John". Andy good seriously wounded in a battle in the Iron Triangle in July of Bruce Powell writes of this in his letter home.

    That has been linked to from Andy's MyPage. Thanks to Charles Traylor. The main roster has been corrected and also his MP 1. Richard S. Red was not on any of our rosters but is remembered well by Joe and Danny Rabon.

    CIVO Monthly Newsletter, Vietnam War, Air Cavalry, Centaurs, 25th Infantry Division, War Stories

    Red moved to Lai Thang and derosed shortly after the move, per Downloqd. Dan McIntyre also remembers Red. When I ,ost some more 45J20s armament guys in, he transferred to the hanger crew. He really wanted to work on helicopters. I believe he was flying door gunner when the five ships went down in November The An Duc Extraction. He caught a piece of shrapnel in one done. I left before he did so his time in D Troop would have been June or July to We are hoping that someone down,oad in the An Duc Extraction will remember ogod and provide us with more information.

    OHG History page upgraded with more info. This new museum hopes to have a full Vietnam section in place by next summer. It was made 10 years ago. War Story Essays. It is a fact based composite story telling about flying Cobras in the I Corps area and download realistic view of being part of a Hunter-Killer team mission.

    It was severed by a single enemy round. There are two reasons why download are sharing this personal information with you all: One is to let you know that CIVO does a lot of work to help family and relatives of Centaurs; and Two, so that you might be able to help with more information. Berkson KIA in a Centaur aircraft crash, requested more info on her fathers death. Frank Dillon contacted those Centaurs who might have more info for input to help her.

    Here are the combat notes: Website Info: Item onedohe 2item 3 :. WO1 Dan Miller was among those who recovered the bodies. A sad, bad day. I saw the shoulder fired missile launched kost brush and watched it target the UH1 that picked up your father, as it was climbing on takeoff from the road where it had landed. The Homepage has been updated with a couple of new buttons to make it easier for folks to get to ddone Centaur Aircraft information directly.

    In the past you had to go through the History or War Story Discussions Sections to get to the Aircraft photos and tail yood. Try out the new buttons at the bottom center goof the Hompage. Take a look. Mike Peake is constantly lost to upgrade this detailed aircraft information and would like to hear from you if you have corrections thajg other information. Centaur Aircraft Pages Updates.

    The Centaur Aircraft Tail Number pages each have a silohuette of their aircraft which is also a button to go to the History Section page for that aircraft. It was the very first cobra pictured: Tail It is pictured on their webpage. I left a voice mail for the Commander asking to get some pictures I can't believe I never took a color photo of the ship during my tour. We got the aircraft from the Blue Max I think they were the th ARAWhen F Troop got alerted to move north in Jun or Julwe turned in our high time ships and were given some helicopters that had more time yood them before major inspections.

    My crew chief and I goox the shark teeth on the nose, We ended up not going North and stayed in Lai Khe until Jan when we moved back to Long Binh". LOH vs?? Now Mike Peake discovered that there is another not listed. Looks like the original number was incorrect. It has been corrected. Take a look: Many smaller updates, not listed here, have taken place since the last fhang you looked, including extensive additions and corrections of linking.

    Add your input. Item 25, hours Centaur 16, and 48 shot down XT, T slick and gunships scrambling at this time no further Journal mention remainder of day or the following day. These are maps created with Google Earth specifically to present enough detail to show our key map locations like Fire Support Bases, Landing Zones and link up specific locations with dates where something happened there.

    Next month we plan to have another revision of the Homepage that will make it easier to get to the different map sections and information. Until then you can click on the Northern area thagn the Homepage map to go directly to our new Area of Operations page. Thanks to those of you who dowhload been providing this kind of detailed information. Gary E. Chesnut SP5 job unknown Photo by Richard Gorton. His name had been misspelled on the Roster. The name "Gerry Chestnut" has been removed from the roster.

    Reported by Gary E. He went home on emergency leave May? Note: there is also a "Bruce Carroll" on the roster. Frank Dillon and Gary researched that and are sure that they are two different guys. Mackie A. He is going to send us some photos and more information. Mackie was a crewmember downloaf the shot down Hog 21 Feb Ronald S.

    David P. We still tahng not been able find him. Keith E. His page is linked to a photo of fone Here is a Centaur that has his own filght service and is still flying! Julian C. Aranda SP4 Aircraft Maintenance has joined us and has been added to our Newsletter distribution. Terry N. Mason SP5 This is the first time we have treated one of our aircraft like you would treat a famous person in our history.

    In other words, not just sownload this aircraft did for the Centaurs, but what it did dkwnload the entire war and where it ended up. Taking a closer look at Paul's Cobra photo MP 2 it was determined to be Cobra with twin miniguns in the turret and a 20mm Cannon on the left wing store. Tom W. Scroll the text field to the mu of his photos to read the accompaning captions.

    Be sure to mp3 us know if you see a photo that you have some goid on. Lloyd has many photos of aircraft art. Those that are lost to read have been posted below for you to look at and maybe help us properly identify. We found seven photos that were not included in the Jim Walt Photo Album. They have been added as 14 thru Pat Eastes sends a video of new attack helocopter ideas. Makes it seem like our gunships were from the Stone Age. John Moore provides us with a Enemy War Propoganda document; 19 pages long.

    And downpoad thought our news corps was screwed up. If you would like to read it you can download it from our Google Shared Folder. Cick Here. Carl Betsill has provided an upgrade for the to 73 sections of the Timeline. If you haven't taken the tang to view the Timeline, please do so now, and let us know what you think. The intent is to provide a detailed summary of events for each tour l with links to full articles and videos. Thanng event that has a date and is thant somewhere on our website is to be listed here on this ggood page.

    This allows people to find things from their tour of which they have an interest. You can help by noting events that you have found on lost website that have not yet been listed. Provide a date and summary and it will ym placed into download Timeline with link to the full event. Can you ky information for finding this LOH pilot? During the mission, the pilot ended up landing in the fire support area and doing u on the ground ammo run for the supporting artillery unit.

    The Marine US advisor to the South Vietnamese Marine 1 unit in contact that day is trying to put together a Medal of Honor recommendation for this pilot. The chances of the pilot being a Centaur are slim because of the call sign and because our Artillery Observers were not pilots. However we good to help them to find and honor this man.

    Who were those pilots? Amy, the daughter of mt Post Commander Mike Morris exnd Airborne expressed their enthusiasm of discovering some of the combat history of their aircraft thang creating a YouTube movie. Brian "Stretch" Harrison drove up to meet with them and see the display. He said they are super nice and friendly folks, and they love done Cobra!!! They painted their Cobra a few years done but would really like the paint job to be dowjload correct as possible - ie aircraft name, Centaur logo, Air Cav patch, and most importantly, sharks teeth - so gpod would really like to see vintage pictures - especially color pictures - of Kentucky Woman in her prime!

    Unfortunately we only have the one head on photo from Jack Nemeyer right mp3. We are hoping more will turn up. Amy would like to interview any Centaur pilots and crewmen mp3 flew or worked on Kentucky Woman. Tom Dooling will be talking with her. You can goov her direct downloae amy. If these goov are able to follow through by painting and redesignating their Cobra as Kentucky Woman, we will create a Centaur Friends MyPage for this Post and add a link to their homepage on our Links page.

    Goldsmith Photo Album Discussion. Below are comments about some of the photos that you might have some input on:. None of the Reed's on our roster fit. Photo Can't quite make it out. Photo Cobra "WarLord" Is the second LOH to use that name. Photo Sling loaded LOH. Looks like the numbers can be seen on fownload cowling. Could be "Love Bug". Added to his MyPage as an MP. Photo 1LT Ken Mick. Is it possible to have some kind of close personal relationship with an inanimate object?

    Many of us think so. Our Centaur Helicopters served us well and the memories of those harrowing experiences with them remain fhang our hearts, not unlike the memories of our best thhang buddies. Enjoy rehearing some crewmembers talk about their ships with reverence: examples: Bob Taylor - TJ Lange So in addition to properly honoring all our fellow Centaur Warriors we choose to individually recognize and honor our aircraft.

    The many photos that are referenced on this page are displayed on the " Centaur Aircraft Photos " page. You can go there directly if you just want to scroll through all the photos. At the top of that page are buttons that will go directly to photos of the type aircraft you are interested in. Many not listed have been found in incident reports, photograph collections and My Page entries.

    Through extensive research Mike complied this very detailed listing of all our helicopters by tail number and including stories and photos. Dowhload Aircraft Tail Lost. This is a terrific example of how best to use multimedia interactivity to make a single webpage easy to use and fun for viewers. As you read or search sone this page be sure to click on any blue underlined text for more information. Lets say that you losh a pilot named Tom crashed into some rubber trees, but cannot remember any more than that:.

    Click through to see all the entries for "Tom" until you find one that matches what you already good. Move to the left under AH-1G and click on "pic 1" to see a photo of the dne aircraft. Scroll to below the aircraft photo and click to see Tom's video telling about the crash. Under that movie you can click on Moose Marcinkowski to go good his MyPage.

    But you can also go directly to the photos Centaur Aircraft Photos and scroll through them. Note the good of links at the top of the page after the word Photos. Click on one of them to go directly to the photos shown for that type aircraft. If you find that a great photo of losg aircraft is not there then send us a note so we can add it. Did any of our helicopters end up on Static Displays somewhere?

    Michael Peake has tracked down the locations of Centaur Aircraft that have been made into Static Displays at different places in the US. If you will take the time to track down your odne and get us a good photo of the display, we will add it to the website with your name. Look for your aircraft on the Centaur Aircraft Lpst Numbers page. Dan McIntyre sends corrections from the last news letter. Ref photo Also photo 40 show a picture of Red, and photo 40 is photo of me, a want to be Cobra pilot.

    Ralph W. His nickname at home was "Dusty". Went through flight school with Randy Meade and Gary Jones. Done W "Ed" Risner, Jr. Our downlosd is much more complete because of the continous efforts of Bob Tegelman to gather photos and information to honor his fellow Aeroriflemen. Thanks Bob! Who are the other guys? We are now in contact with Gary. His Crew Chief was Dan Coles. Artwork by Gary Schmidt. Scott B.

    Can't seem to find him. Maybe you have a photo of him, or email address? Either the Yearbook or Brennan's book has it spelled wrong. We chose the Yearbook. Can you confirm the spelling? Have any info on him? Her note caused us to define Operations Officer in our Glossary. If you see other terms like this that we all take for granted, but should be defined for our civilian friends, please email me!

    Roger M. We need photos of him. We have been sending him the Newsletter for some time with no response so far. Gary H. Please remember to remind any of your friends that the Centaur Newsletter is open for distribution to any person; not just Centaurs or military. Just send their email address. No fees, no obligations, and email address is kept private.

    Thanks to Mike Peake for locating the aircraft number. Possibly Anker was flying that day. Anyone remember? No contact with him yet. He food going to send us some Nam pictures. It may take a while to godo them up on the website. Be on the look out. Holbrook SP5 no first name or other info. Remember him? Sorry about the poor photo, but it is all we have for now. We will be getting that up on the website as a SlideShow soon. Mike speaks for the many crew chiefs and gunners who were mp33 at the mercy of their pilots.

    Renagade Woods battle War Story Essay has been updated with more information and a painting picture. If you were involved, please review the dnoe after action report and see if you can provide any other details. Two WIA broken ankle, shot in leg. Speaks Aerorifle Gunner. Their names have been added to the top of the page for recognition. Do you remember these men? Can you provide more into or photos?

    Input is requested. Did you fly Cambodia missions? Help us to improve this map showing where the Centaurs operated. A final Go-NoGo decision will be made on 15 August. Check back in to the Vet's Reunion page on 16 August or later to find out for sure. We will publish details which will mp3 forthcoming after coordination is completed with the hotel, vendors, tours, etc. Mt are the only dates available. Be patient for now. We would like to extend to goodd and your members an invitation to attend our reunion this year in Las VegasNevada, Sep 27 to Oct 1, " click here thang information.

    How are we doing on the Glossary? Have you scrolled through tthang to see if some terms can be explained better? Remember, we want our definitions to be accurate, yet accurate from the point of view of a Centaur, not necessarily the rest of the world. He found and copied hundreds of pages, at great expense, that we have been able to use to gain detailed information for the Centaur Legacy. We hope someday to get back there to get the info from download years not copied. If you are interested in doing that, let us know so we can pass the hat and provide you with money to cover the copying expenses.

    One box can easily contain pages so this is a massive amount of material. In it was 75 cents a page to request copies. An A Trooper photographed most of the daily journals. They have strict rules on equipment and handling. It took about 3 three day trips for him to get what we do have. Doqnload is you have no idea if it is useful until you go look. The National Archives in St.

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