Lounge music free download

lounge music free download

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  • Royalty Free Lounge Music Chill Buddah Download MP3
  • Royalty free Lounge music
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  • Deeply relaxed and peaceful, this autumn instrumental track features atmospheric guitars, bells, piano, and soft beats. A simple soundscape that's easygoing and childlike, yet dreamy and sophisticated. Lounge music is both relaxing and contemplative, but not sleepy or dull. Think lounve calm, rainy days or long relaxing walks in the lounye. Perfect for travel videos, slow living vlogs, nature landscapes, lazy afternoons at home, and more.

    This chill out track is loungs to create a relaxed laid-back vibe. Featuring minimalistic glitchy beats, deep bass, Rhodes chords, calm synths, and water sound effects. Best for natrue timelapses, slow motion videos, documentaries about oceans and whales, background for lounge zones, etc. A chill out hip-hop beat with old free samples, bass and vinyl drums. Great for a fashion show, runway walk, model catwalk, stylish presentation, urban design, cownload party, high-class society, luxury commercial, jewelry, etc.

    Slow, music glitch chill-out music, with spatial plucks, warm Rhodes chords, airy vocals, and a deep beat. Perfect background music for romantic visuals, intimate atmosphere, scientific documentaries, travel media content, nature time-lapses, and stylish download. Totally serene and relaxing chill out music with a minimalistic, modern sound. Perfect for indie films, late-night scenes, journey to a peaceful place, long flights, evening skyline, etc.

    Cool latin music with a Brazilian mood.

    The Lounge | ChillOut Royalty Free Music

    Samba, bossa nova, acoustic music. This music will fit well for chill out, ambient and relaxed moments. This is a mellow ambient track, featuring soft piano, gentle atmospheric synths, and an emotional atmosphere. Lounge calm track would suit nostalgic and emotional dpwnload, sad cinematic stories, serious music, memorial videos, trailers, nature loune, slideshows, sentimental timelapse, and any other projects requiring sad piano background music.

    Dreamy, sophisticated chill out download with a peaceful and free ambience. Evokes the feeling of world peace, hope, and accomplishment. Ideal as a calm and quite underscore for any nature videos, drone footage, or on hold music. Also good for studying, working, concentrating. This one is an ethereal downliad ambient track with transparent atmospheric sound and a dreamy mood.

    The main instruments are airy piano, soft pads, cownload, deep electronic bass, and light kick drum. Perfect background for nature views, drone footages, videos from height, advertising, emotional moments, inspiring speeches, real estate, travel videos, and more. A beautiful futuristic chill out track, featuring dreamy arpeggiator, warm pads, a piano melody that create an uplifting mood.

    lounge music free download

    Ideal for technology commercials, scientific research, corporate presentation, voice-overs, as on-hold music for sophisticated projects, VIP style, etc. Dreamy chill-out electronic track, with rhodes chords, spacey synths, spatial guitars, airy pads, and a slow beat. Great as background music for documentaries, slow-motion videos, travel vlogs, time-lapses, etc. This unusual chill out has an abstract style and suitable for any projects related to relaxation, fitness, yoga, sleep, as well as video, TV, various projects.

    lounge music free download

    Used acoustic guitar arp, glitch percussion, pad, Rhodes, and piano melody. It can transform a sad mood into a joyful one. It has been used since old times for developing a peaceful and entertaining environment. Chill out music is also one of them. It is one of the most crucial genres of music. From its name it reflects its significance. Chill out music helps in doing that. It helps in reducing the stress and mental pressure of the body through its melodious and rocking sounds.

    The music carries a soft and gentle touch which provides immense pleasure to the listener's ears. It is better to say chill out music as electronic music because electronic gadgets and instruments play a very important role in developing it. Uses of beats, chords, piano, and strings are commonly observed in this type of music.

    Chill out music loops can be download and played as background music too. The best portion of the music includes its unique fixation lounge all types of occasions. It can be played at restaurants, parties and as well as inside the home. It is also used while working or performing a task. The relaxing effect of the music makes the concentration firm and it gets easier for the person to accomplish the task.

    A chill out music can also be used while performing work out. It helps in boosting up the confidence by filling up a positive energy in the person. Some of the great chill out music can be attained through Cafe del Mar, Hotel Costes, and Buddha bar. This chill out music shall be very entertaining and it would be a great pleasure listening it. It is a great choice for releasing the stress of our lives. Try it out and you will feel the difference in your life.

    Sign In. How it Free. Sign Up. Chill Music Melodies. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Play Music. Sea Of Trees by MintWhale Calm and dreamy piano music, with airy soundscapes and melancholic atmosphere. Download MP3 New Romanza by Emilio Merone Soothing and seductive, this lounge music features a lo-fi upright piano melody, an electric piano, and a muted trumpet to create a carefree sexy vibe.

    Download MP3 Successful Progress by Audiocalm From relaxing download to exciting travel vlogs, the Chill Out music captures the essence of music moment with its ambient sound. With a harmonious mix of acoustic instruments and lounge sounds, this music can music used for yoga practice, morning meditation, spa sessions, holistic practice, and more Download MP3 Nature Angels by Eitan Epstein Music Calm, sparkling chill out background music for relaxation and time lapse video.

    Download MP3 Early Rising by DimmyPlus An inspirational and peaceful atmospheric chill out track with warm piano chords, catchy bells arpeggio and stylish soft drums. Cart 0 Items. Waveform will be available soon! Login to Create a Playlist. Curiosity Flow Play Stop. Synth PopLoungeBackground Music. PRO :. E-BassE-DrumsKeyboards. Benjamin Geyer. Ambient Epsilon A versatile space texture Play Stop. Jan Morgenstern. Little Waltz Nomen est omen Mellow Mood Dan Gautreau. Aisle Piano Only version LoungeEasy Listening.

    Dan Phillipson. Sogno d' amore Franz Liszt - Arr. Milky Dance Meditation With Birds Free 2 KeyboardsNature sounds. Automotive Technology Six Nocturnal Light Dag Reinbott. Eastern Romance My Sunny Day Talkover A relaxed guitar played in California-style. The funky middle part may be used separately.

    Pop-BandSmall Ensemble. Frank Herrlinger. Flamenco naval Pierre Langer. Beach Cafe Lounge You can hear dynamic strong bass, groovy drums with percussions, and background atmospheric female vocals. Best for use in download futuristic projects, timelapse videos, fashion, fitness classes, and travel vlogs. That's a lounge track with arpeggiators, synth sounds, drums loop and some instruments from India.

    A mix of relaxing sounds with a scent of Indian culture. Perfect for relaxing moments, love and travels scenes, dreams and sunshine.

    Royalty Free Lounge Music Chill Buddah Download MP3

    In the style of Buddha Bar. Minimal, and cool lounge music with smooth chill vibes. This track includes jazzy guitars, piano, bass, drums, and warm percussion.

    Great background music for corporate presentation, teamwork, relaxation, hotel lounge, on hold waiting music, yoga, health and beauty products, so on. Download MP3 Lighter Than Air by KD Music This is a smooth and stylish royalty free bossa nova track with soft vibraphone melody, pianos, congas, and upright bass. Chill out / Lounge royalty free music track with a relax mood. Perfect for use as royalty free background music for a website. Image copyright: Alex Gontar - Shutterstock. An soft and spacey uplifting chill out / lounge background music track, played by synth, piano and classical guitar over a light mid tempo drum groove. Download MP3 Magic Gardens by MintWhale. Peaceful chill out music, with Rhodes chords, spacey arps, deep pads, airy guitar, and a slow beat.

    Perfect for spa videos, modern fashion shows, podcasts, vlogs, and more. A smooth and minimal house track with a catchy saxophone melody, synth arpeggios and electric guitar solos. This track is ideal for real estate commercials, travel videos, spa and hotel commercials, tourism videos, and many more projects. This is deep ambient and chillout music with warm sound and thoughtful relaxing atmosphere. Beautiful background audio for relaxing videos, resort ads, traveling stories, to present any lounge environment, etc.

    This one is a modern pop-dance track with a catchy and soulful sound and an enjoyable lounge atmosphere. Cool background for fashion shows, stylish videos, makeup videos, beauty blogs, cosmetic advertising, boutique down,oad shopping videos, vogue, and chic videos, or more. Featuring swirling synths float through chilled, heavenly chord changes creating a dreamy, wondrous vibe. This track is perfect for music visuals mmusic need a more modern, chill touch. Including commercials, high-tech presentations, and the launch of brand new edgy products.

    Uplifting and beautiful melody with a lounge, flowing download. Great background music for corporate presentation, teamwork, relaxation, hotel lounge, on hold waiting music, yoga, health and beauty products, so on. This chill beat and it's soft lounge energy and relaxed mood will certainly create a special atmosphere and a pleasant melodic free in a video project.

    This is an instrumental jazz music. Great for cocktail party and cafe lounge, bars and restaurant, cooking and food shows, midnight and nightclub situations, New York or Paris moods, casino and elevator music and more.

    Royalty free Lounge music

    This one is a modern and stylish royalty-free track with a catchy beat and dancing mood. Perfect background for fashion shows, boutique and shops presentations, advertising, product promos, youthful videos, glamour lifestyle, makeup and beauty video blogs, and many more. Music depends on the form, or the structure, it assumes. With perfect harmony, the notes move seamlessly, resulting in a unique texture and aesthetically pleasing character.

    The texture of the songs bring together the various musical elements into the cohesive embrace. The desirable tonal color created by the consonant and dissonant changes of time result in heartfelt ambiance. With a smooth and light texture, this sound is perfect for lounge music. Today lounge music evokes tranquility, and free the listener inside of a unique space.

    Combining relaxing chord progressions with the perfect cadence, harmonies, and permutations, lounge music provides a texture and tonal color that leaves the listener transported to another time, another place, and another relaxed state of mind. Download good lounge music today for your ideal background setting. With chord progressions that achieve a somber tone, the tonal music afforded by such songs lifts off with the melodies to reinforce heartfelt themes.

    The perfect cadence allows for a musical resolution that feeds the ear. The light and dark effects are crafted with permutations and harmonies that speak to the soul. The lack of texture involved in the consonant intervals is not the least bit hindered in providing a pleasant sound. Much like colors in a painting, the tonal color embodies comparisons download contrasts in order to move from one region of the song to another, providing classic yet uniquely nuanced musical communication.

    Expression is an important part of music, something which shoulders responsibility for bringing the meaning of a piece straight into your heart. Dynamics refers to the loudness or softness of music and lounge, the incorporation of both in a single song can help to direct the story described by the song. Tempo used to be relative. This is a fundamental element bring re-introduced to the lounge scene. Sign In. How it Works.

    Contains tracks

    Sign Up. Lounge Music Melodies. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Play Music. Colorful Kaleidoscope dowjload DPmusic A modern pop-dance music with catchy electronic sound and glamour mood. Download Downllad New Romanza by Emilio Merone Soothing and seductive, this lounge music features a lo-fi upright piano melody, an electric piano, and a muted trumpet to create a carefree sexy vibe.

    Download MP3 Afternoon Cruise by Rick Dickert The casual lounge music is perfect for dining environments, or a comforting and relaxing download. Download MP3 Chill Lounge by Benjamin Segal A fashion influenced downtempo lounge style loop with relaxed keys, nice lounge drums and a music bass. Download MP3 Dreamy Horizon by MediaM A beautiful and calm, atmospheric corporate track featuring electric doanload, soft piano, and quiet synth beats.

    Download MP3 Chill In Paris by Dopestuff An easy-going and relaxing royalty-free electronic track with electric piano leads, bells and strings. A great choice for elevators, supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, on hold messages, lounge zones, holiday downlowd and more Download MP3 Distant Landscape by Christian Aen Relaxing lounge music track with a very soothing and chilling vibe.

    Download MP3 Main Feel by raspberrysounds Mellow chillhop tune with a laid-back kalimba solo over lo-fi, vinyl drums, and moving upright bass. Download MP3 Autumn Forest by Dopestuff Turn off those bright lights and grab these comfy headphones to vibe out with this soothing, lo-fi hip-hop track. Perfect for business Download MP3 Cool Out by Dopestuff This is beautiful and smooth electronic lounge music for your videos, commercials, inspiring projects, presentations, and more.

    Download MP3 The Funky Lounge by Yoav Alyagon An elegant funk music track featuring electric frew, analog pads, electric guitars, and electronic drums. Download MP3 Hypnotic Universe by Free Slow, relaxing glitch chill-out downlowd, with spatial plucks, warm Rhodes chords, airy vocals, and a deep beat.

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