Prince of persia sands of time download full game

prince of persia sands of time download full game

If You Were to go by the traditional representation of a Middle Eastern prince, our acrobatic hero would have a vast beard, a massive harem of dusky young maidens and the finest jewels, palaces and riches available. Instead, our favourite Persian besides Zarathustra lives sound of music karaoke download essentially nomadic existence, with only a horse and a sword for company. And just like Jessica Fletcher, wherever he goes, disaster, perturbation and despair are only seconds behind him, usually in the form of some kind of ancient curse. Our Prince is on his way to visit his elder brother Malik, who he discovers is being besieged pegsia his ludicrously oversized palace city. The battle is going badly and Malik is getting desperate, and seeks the assistance of a mystical armed forced sealed deep in the bowels of his citadel.
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  • Prince of Persia The Sands of Time PC Game Download
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  • Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time Free Download PC Game
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  • While what worked in still works now, having no actual progression, bar the ability to freeze water a bit download a more exciting combat system, isn't really good enough. Annoyingly, things that did work time in 's Prince of Persia have been stripped out like using a companion's attacks to assist you in combat or in making huge jumps, and the hub-based mission structure. The Forgotten Sands still presents you with increasingly big rooms with conveniently placed levers, poles and columns to jump between and, while the action is exceptionally fluid, you'll be intimately familiar with the concept of deja vu after only a few hours of play.

    Admittedly, it's inherently difficult to change such a successful concept without losing something, sands to basically run away screaming from evolution like this is a bad sign for the future. Game development should be about persia and pushing boundaries, not just about playing it safe and chasing the easy dollar, pound or euro. Things aren't all the same, though Combat has been improved since Sands of Time, with a Batman: Arkham Asylum -style setup where huge numbers of enemies advance slowly forwards, while you try to chain full a fluid series of prince, dodges and special moves see Powers That Be.

    This works well, with huge swarms of skeletons being despatched with swift sword strokes and acrobatics, but it suffers from the same problems that afflicted Rocksteady's release. You still game locked into animations too often, causing you to take unnecessary damage, and sometimes things can degenerate into farce as you roll around frantically while your health recharges.

    Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time - PC Full Version Free Download

    There are also too many of the kf big brute enemies that rush you with a charge attack, smash their heads against walls, causing them to remain concussed just long enough for you to hack at them from behind a bit. Word to any game developer out there - these are overused: please stop cramming them into your games. None of these points stop Forgotten Sands being a fine game.

    It's just not original and game seven ;rince, more has to be expected than what Forgotten Sands provides. Perhaps ful, most interesting thing to arise from this game is the question of where the series goes from here, if Ubisoft are so scared of change. Don't forget that Forgotten Sands is carrying Prince much-maligned DRM system, where your PC has to be online at all times in order to play the game.

    Your saved games are also stored online by default. However, this can be changed if you want. Its release is being timed to coincide with the release of the blockbuster Prince of Persia movie coming out next month. You've probably heard about it already, as your female friends have likely been spamming their Facebook feeds with pictures of the film's Prince - Jake Gyllenhaal - sporting a washboard stomach and chiselled pecs.

    We won't be anywhere near an cinema in May though, if Ubisoft get their way. We might just be pinned to our chairs, fixated by the site of a non-Gyllenhaal Time vamping it up on our monitors in classic, non cel-shaded Prince of Persia style. Interestingly enough, the game's plot isn't that of the film, instead it goes all the way back to the Sands of Time trilogy, which ended in with The Two Thrones. As prinnce the fighting, although you can sometimes run away from nasties, you sands eventually have to get stuck in, using the game's much-vaunted multi-directional combat.

    What this means is that when surrounded by a slew of psrsia, you can switch between them and lock on to one while lashing out with your sword. It's not really that big full deal -particularly with the keyboard download the pgince isn't particularly persia. Demons have to first be lacerated into submission with your sword, and then swiftly finished off with the Dagger of Time lest they rise again. In a one-on-on situation, this presents no oc, but with three or four it becomes something of a crowd scene, and your dkwnload to the stricken demon is often blocked.

    Also, due to the fact that the Prince locks on to an enemy, if you need to back off to replenish your health, you have to first put away your weapons, thus leaving yourself vulnerable. On the fll side, you can use your sword at any time, even when climbing a ladder or hanging off a bar. This adds to the perceived reality and comes in handy when hanging off a branch attempting to ward off a flock timee killer birds, for instance.

    ocean of games - Prince of Persia The Sands of Time PC Game

    Or maybe they were bats. Prince Of Persia was of course all about traps, with instant ot meted out in a number of gruesome ways. They certainly haven't been overlooked here, and the vast palace in which the game takes place is full of them, at times resembling some kind of medieval torture chamber. Among the devious devices is an homage to the original in the form of the famous spikes, either lurking in a pit or ready to spring from the ground should you put a foot out of place.

    With all manner of hardware flying about, you do need to be sand your toes, and the prince is well equipped, able to roll like a gymnast, aided by some excellent animation. As a change of pace, puzzles are liberally scattered through the game, and require a reasonable level of thought. Gamee you don't enjoy thinking and who does?

    It's a big old palace in which you're roaming around, and it's a reasonably big old game. Along the way, you'll meet a few characters, including the token female interest in the form of Princess Farah, who seems keen but may have dubious motives. That said, the Prince is a goodlooking guy, particularly when he loses his shirt, and it has been suggested in some quarters that he's the male equivalent of Lara Croft, providing a bit of titillation for the ladies.

    It's not perfect, but there are enough fresh ideas to go some way towards re-establishing your faith in the genre. That said, simply categorising it as a platformer-turned-action adventure doesn't really do it justice, as it manages to transcend lazy pigeonholing to deliver a near seamless gaming experience. If anything, it's a tad earnest in places, although this is perversely offset by some dismal attempts at humour.

    These are minor details though, and the real value is to be found in the sparkling gameplay and lavish environments.

    prince of persia sands of time download full game

    Expectations have been high since the game's award-winning E3 appearance, and they have largely been met. Ubisoft has kissed a frog and it's turned into a prince. Herein lies a tragedy. When we first saw the new Prince Of Persia game we were stunned - it's quite probably the bestlooking and playable platformer ever to grace the PC. Luckily, this demo gives you the chance to see why we were and still are excited and aroused.

    The game is centred around the titular Sands Of Time, which were spilled early on in the game proper, causing almost everyone in the land to transmogrify into strange beasts. To counter these and the many traps and death-defying leaps, you need to get your hands on the magic dagger the one that's imbued with time-control powers, enabling you to literally rewind time if you fluff something. Each bit of time control uses up a portion of the sands within the dagger, but you can top this up by dispatching the enemy and your own health ti,e drinking water.

    The demo starts by presenting you with a few trap-filled corridors before you enter the main hall, where tumbling ledges, massive pillars and a giant statue stand between you and your prize. Once fu,l retrieved the dagger, you need to get your arse out quick-smart as the corridors start to crumble. Now it's time to fight.

    Prince of Persia The Sands of Time PC Game Download

    Use the blocking stance to deflect all but the most sneaky of attacks. Running toward an enemy while pressing jump enables you to lightly vault over their heads, giving you a chance to get out of a tight scrape and also lets you get a swift thwack to the back. Remember to finish off defeated enemies with your dagger or they'll rise again to seek their revenge.

    Next up is a section showing off the acrobatic highlights of the game, in which you find yourself running along walls, swinging from poles and generally jumping about like a demented flea. To some, this was farming.

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PC Game Download

    To far too many people, lowever, it was a reason to completely ignore the game and something with guns instead. Witness then, the rebirth of the Prince: innocence gone, naivety ost. A mean mother-bitch from hell who can cut people's heads off and only shaves every other week. The action takes place some six o eight years after the original, with the Prince's ship being invaded by some undead beasties. It then progresses through to a cursed island fortress where he can face off against yet more nastiness and Dahaka - the living incarnation of fate or some such nonsensewho bears a hefty grudge against our boy the Prince.

    The game's intended to address the flaws many perceived in its x predecessor, namely A the way in which puzzles and combat were kept so separate from each other, and the fact that the fighting itself was a bit iffy. So you can now wield two swords and use enemies as human well nearhuman shields, as well as throw objects and mix the trademark wall-running and jumping with the laceration of your enemies. Monsters too, seem to have grown with the Prince's moodiness - as you can see from the Legolas-style toppling of the colossus in the screenshots.

    So it's all change, but whether it's for better or worse is hard to discern; the fighting may be better, but will the charm remain? You'll have to wait and see.

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Download ( Action adventure Game)

    Time Heals all wounds, so they say. For a start, the French developer is hoping the figurative sands of time have settled sufficiently over the shambles that was Prince of Persia 3D Red Orb's misguided attempt to update the game in Level designer Jean-Christophe explains. Collecting the sands of time will allow you to do different kinds of special acts like rewinding time, which is useful if you die or fall off an edge - you just rewind to a few seconds earlier and keep playing.

    You can also slow down time, freeze your enemies during combat - they'll be put in another time dimension and you'll be able to kill them more easily, as well as sometimes see the near future, which lets us give the players some hints about what's coming up.

    Prince Of Persia Highly Compressed ( MB) Full Version Download

    It's a simple device to be sure, but one that has a huge impact on the action. Apart from looking cool when you kick it in, the rewind function alone makes the frustration of falling off a difficult platform at the tiniest of missteps virtually disappear, and also allows the designers to make the platforming action much more complex and interesting. Of course, your time powers are not infinite - you only collect sand and therefore temporal powers by slaying enemies with a special dagger - so you still need to watch your step.

    As cool as the temporal abilities are, however, it's not just about playing with time. As in any Prince Of Persia game, the acrobatic capacities of your character are paramount, and luckily in this case you're a veritable Jackie Chan. Not only can you do all the things you'd expect from a modern platform adventure - climbing, jumping, hanging, rolling, etc - but you have one or two brilliant and novel moves such as running on walls, vertically and horizontally.

    All you have to do is get up a bit of steam, run at a wall and press an action key, and the prince will traverse a shallow arc across a stretch of wall, or even run straight up a few steps and grab an otherwise inaccessible lip.

    Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time Free Download PC Game

    You can even spring off the wall at any point, making for some interesting leaps of faith to reach new areas. Combat is even more impressive.

    prince of persia sands of time download full game

    Special fighting moves allow the prince to dodge and roll likeZelda's Link, or do a handspring off an enemy's head, stabbing them in the back on the way down. In combination with the Matrix-like slo-mo effects and the ability to freeze enemies, it makes for some spectacular results. Push in another direction and you'll switch - it's very simple. Another intriguing part of the game that wasn't shown at E3 is the existence of a secondary character - and love interest - who helps the prince perform different actions throughout the game.

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Download | GameFabrique

    Jean-Christophe elaborates: "The story is much more complex than just collecting sand or saving a princess. You have to find the hourglass that you broke and restore the sands of time, but you will be helped in this duty, during puzzles for example, by an Indian princess.

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Download | GameFabrique

    But in fact you stole her father's treasure, so she's also an antagonist. Impressively, almost the whole game is set within one single, consistent palace environment. Much like the sublime the innovative PS2 platformeryou can see the entire palace if you get the right angle, and note areas you've already been to or are yet to visit. Download Prince Of Persia Classic manages to attract the attention of the player by enhanced graphical features, intelligently designed puzzles, captivating animation, lethal traps, and impressive game controls.

    Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents hide. Prince Of Persia Free Download also allows you to explore its unique and enchanting environment perssia you proceed through the game. It lets you play in its epic battlefield as a warrior and eliminate corruption from the land of Persia. Also, it gives you access to explore the ancient world of Persia and be a part of the battle fought among two brothers.

    You need you to unlock any area by collecting the light seeds in the game. These lf the player to explore the new area of the ancient world. It also brings you to a heroic Prince who fights against the Evil and shows its skills to eliminate the Evil from the earth.

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    The totally new and thrilling storyline plus the improved and enhanced graphical sanfs let you have unique gaming experience. Prince Of Persia has a hero that is a master in acrobatics, has great mental and physical strength, and knows how to use war tactics in the best ever way.

    Sadly, the PC incarnation of The Sands of Time doesn't have the original Prince of Persia games available as unlockable bonuses or Easter Eggs, as is the case with the console versions. There is a cute 3D version of one of the original Prince of Persia levels, but, unless you know the originals, this plays out as merely a secret level. Oct 02,  · Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time Free Download PC Game is an action-adventure game that is developed by a professional gaming company named Ubisoft Montreal & Ubisoft Pune and it is published by the Ubisoft. The game is released on 28 Oct Aug 30,  · Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time PC Game is an action role-playing game and one of the most entertaining games in an Open World. This game is released for different well-known platforms like PlayStation 4, GameCube, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Arcade game, Xbox Series, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3.

    Also, it gives its fans the best experience of an epic Hollywood movie.

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      One of computer gaming's biggest titles makes its return with the release of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The classic story, which had players guiding a young prince through a trap-filled palace to save his beloved from marrying an evil vizier, has been updated with 3D graphics and new traps and puzzles. The story begins with the titular prince tricked by a vizier into using a mystical dagger to release the Sands of Time from an hourglass.

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      April 29, Leave a comment Views. You can enjoy this game by download it with one click from here. Prince of Persia The Sands of Time is an action-adventure video game in which the player controls the main protagonist from a kingdom of Persia.

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