Sky vr app download

sky vr app download

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  • Seat change in the Movie Theatre Scene. SMB support. Support Youtube Fisheye videos. Auto play next video on the playlist. Adjustment for eye distance offset for 3D videos. Prevent computer from sleeping ONLY when videos are playing or devices connected. Optimize the format recognition engine to improve recognition accuracy.

    Display entire filename when cursor hovers over a video. Double click the controller button to pause and resume playback. Support for seat change and light adjustment in the movie theatre scene. Support Google VR video and Fisheye mode.

    Compatible device, Sky Worlds app and Broadband/3G/4G required (charges may apply). Sky Worlds available on Oculus Quest. Sky shows apps available on Oculus Rift; ‘Britannia VR: Out of Your Mind’ also available on HTC Vive and Valve Index. Jul 17,  · Support Google VR video and Fisheye mode. Support for adjusting eye offset of 3D video. Added new cinema scene "Moon" Oculus Go / Gear VR Release date: Aug 13, Support for browsing and playing videos on SMB devices. Support for seat change and light adjustment in the movie theatre scene. StarTracker VR -Mobile Sky Map. It's the mobile planetarium in VR, designed for astronomy fans to explore the universe. StarTracker VR introduce a brand new VR methodology to the VR world, we call it enhanced VR. It map 3D Star Field into a sphere surface, and then look from outside into the sphere ball. You can image all near objects that will /5(K).

    Support for adjusting eye offset of 3D video. Display full filenames when cursor hovers over files. Updated the void scene PC Client 0.

    sky vr app download

    Fixed the problem of fast-forward reversal when sliding the controller touchpad horizontally. Support sorting with filename, file size, and time added in directory.

    Support list and image display mode. Support adding folder shortcuts in the Channel. Apl setting password protected hidden folders. Support manually switching to Youtube video format.

    download – SKYBOX

    Support the new list display mode for videos and folders. Support creating folder shortcuts to the Channels. Support sorting by file name, size, time in Directory. Optimize streaming for multiple devices. Optimized long filename truncation. Optimized screen scaling animation during playback. Support manual time adjustment of audio and subtitles. Support 'screen locking' with regular flatscreen videos to keep the screen always in front of you.

    Sky Immersive |

    Optimized the UI of playback control panel for easier playback controls. Subtitle files should be put skg the same directory and has the same filename as the video. Support file directory browsing.

    Added new theatre scene 'Space Station'. Added new way to adjust the position dragging and size sliding on touchpad of the screen in the 'Void' theatre mode. Optimized display of long filenames.

    SKYBOX VR Video Player

    Optimized screen scale and tile animation during playback. Support manually adjusting the audio sync and subtitle sync. Support locking screen when playing flat video.

    sky vr app download

    The screen is always in front of you. Have you Experience to jump out of a plane? From helicopter and other flying machin? This App includes a flight simulation experience where you become a flight pilot at first and a skydiver at the end.

    Do downlooad want to fly across the sky on your own jetpack? Try Skydiving, Skyscraper Air Race ,tumble and whirl, hurtle through the sky and perform different tricks and stunts! Enjoy this great app made for all extreme athletics lovers! Experience the thrill and fun of feeling the wind rush past you in Air Stunts Sky Dive Simulator where you get to enjoy the realism of paragliding.

    If you like base jump, skydive, wingsuit, free fall, or any related sport you must try this vr videos experience. Feel how is going through the clouds! You don't need virtual reality VR glasses, the list contains hundreds of videos in 3d with degrees.

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