Vietcong free full download

vietcong free full download

Vietcong 2 Free Download PC game setup in direct link for windows. Vietcong 2 is a tactical shooter vietcohg based on an interesting storyline. Vietcong 2 is developed by Pterodon and Illusion Softworks. The game is published by 2K Games. This is a game based on previous version Vietcong. Where a lot of challenging missions can be given for the player. In this game player has to take the role of a soldier.
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  • We updated with new version and hopefully you will enjoy this version. Brought to life through a gritty story written by well-known authors, compiled from first-hand accounts of Special Forces and Infantry servicemen stationed in Hue during the assault. Based on these historical accounts, the player will take the role of a US Captain tasked with escorting a war reporter covering the traditional New Year Tet gull during a ceasefire.

    Vietcong Full Version Free Download

    Follow the progress of the infamous Tet Offensive from joyous New Year celebrations in the US compound, through bloody conflict across 14 distinct locations, to the final push to reclaim the Imperial Palace and the city of Hue. Click the download button below to start Vietcong 2 Free Download with direct link. It is the full version of the game. You need these programs for the game to run. Always disable your anti virus before extracting the game to prevent it from deleting the crack files.

    If you need additional help, Please visit the contact page. A lot of these anti-virus companies get paid to do this, that way you buy the game instead. To prevent this, disable your anti virus, then re-extract the. Anything your A. V may tell you, is a false positive. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

    vietcong free full download

    Perhaps the most important team mate is Nhut, an anticommunist Vietnamese who knows the area well and serves as a guide to wherever fhll supposed to be going. The problem with him is that he moves so damn slowly always on the look-out for traps and enemies, you see you soon lose patience dowlnoad take the lead yourself, occasionally using him to point in the right direction if you start getting lost. Yet another annoyance is having to radio in to HQ every few minutes.

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    It might be realistic and necessary to get new objectives, but it interrupts the flow of the game badly. Missions can have slightly different outcomes, but this seems to make no difference whatsoever to what happens in the aftermath. In the first level, for example, you kill a sniper taking pops at you when you pay dowhload local village a visit for medical aid. But whichever course you take, the outcome is identical, save for the report on your mission debriefing.

    The weapons are pretty standard fare and are all satisfyingly reproduced the grenades deserve particular mention for the ringing they leave in your ears when detonated too fre.

    Download and play Vietcong - Vietcong 4 Ever

    There are also moments where you get to drive a jeep and do the customary shooting-endless-ammo-from-the-side-of-a-chopper as you hover over paddy fields and mountains. Brainless, but a lot of fun.

    (United States) - Download and play Vietcong (China) - Home. Oct 24,  · Vietcong 2 Free Download. Click on below button to start Vietcong 2 Free Download. It is a full and complete game. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of the olliesocial.coted Reading Time: 2 mins. Download Game VIETCONG - PC Game - Full Version Vietcong is a strategic first-individual shooter feature amusement created by Pterodon and 2k Czech, distributed by Gathering of is situated throughout the Vietnam War in The development pack Vietcong: Fist Alpha was discharged in and was packaged with Vietcong as Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

    The levels that stick in my mind for the fupl V reasons are those set in enemy tunnels, where you must venture alone, with a silenced pistol and some lightsticks. These are possibly the ugliest and dullest I've ever encountered.

    Vietcong Download ( Arcade action Game)

    You spend most of the time in utter darkness, with only your crosshair to let you know if there's a wall in front of you or not although if you turn the brightness right up and turn the light in your room off, you can just make out your surroundings. Original, perhaps. Tedious, definitely. When you do come across a good level though, it tends to be very enjoyable.

    Like the one where you have to defend a radio relay on vietcong of download hill fukl a bunch of team-mates, while the VC come up at you from all sides. There's the occasional touch of humour in there. Like when you pick up some VC propaganda and your character exclaims: "Up your ass, commies! There are also some good ideas, vietcojg as the way full con crouch behind cover and come up just enough to let off a few rounds, or the way you can crawl under logs or hop over them - all dkwnload which will have more of an impact online than it does in single player.

    In the end, Vietcong is caught between being a tactical team shooter and a straight FPS, without quite achieving either. Vietcohg the ugliness of it all can be hard to cope with after so much repetitive scenery. But crank the difficulty free up, and at the end of the day there are more than enough intense moments in Vietcong to make it a worthwhile challenge for any shooter veteran.

    And you can see why.

    Vietcong 2 Free Download With Crack - IGGGAMES

    Americans still have nightmares about it and keep releasing tortured film revisions as a form of mass therapy. Promisingly, however, Vietcong s not being developed in the US, but in that bubbling font of development talent, the Czech Republic. Hopefully this will bring a modicum of impartiality in the way they present the conflict.

    Mafia and long-time creative partner Pterodon Flying Heroes. Having seeped themselves in gangster chic for Mafia for the last couple of years see review page 64Illusion and co are now fully immersed in a bloody catalogue of Vietnam movies. We expect them to draw more on the likes of Apocalypse Now. Full Metal Jacket and Platoon rather than Coming Home or Born On The Fourth of July - although we wouldn't say no to a level where you cruise around in a wheelchair through violent demonstrations waving antiwar banners.

    Vietcong 2 Free Download - Ocean of Games

    The action is more likely to be confined to the jungle though, where you'll play as an elite soldier at the head of a downliad of up to six people, with vietcong expansive single-player missions and plenty of mouth-watenng multiplayer action. The Pterodon team has created a glonous 3D engine for the project, the Pteroengme, vietong is pumping out some of the most lush and detailed outdoor environments we've ever seen.

    Illusion's choice of vietcong has caused a massive wave of interest, not least across the Atlantic, where developers have preferred to concentrate their efforts on the wars the US actually won. Can you imagine mission objectives such as: "penetrate forest, get you buddies shot and downloac on a landmine"? Or: "napalm the village where viectong the enemy's weapons are stored before finding out that it's actually full of Vietnamese schoolchildren"?

    We hope they manage to capture some of the disorientation and fear felt full those who took part, although comments from the Pterodon team suggest a downlpad more lighthearted approach. Don't judge our product the same way you judge politics and warfare. In fact, VC should be funny and easy to play. One thing we do know at this stage is that you'll be able to fres up ambushes and order air stnkes, and it will be interesting to see how this is implemented into the free. Overall, the emphasis viercong being placed on strategic thinking as well as full-blown action, which should at least ensure this is no brainless shooter.

    Vietcong is already at an advanced stage and will probably see the light of day free time before Christmas. I've Just spent the best part full three days locked in a room playing the latest Vietcong code, so I'm going to cut you a deal. I'm not going to go off on one about the ethics download games cashing in on a terribly cruel and bloody conflict that the US had no right to be involved in in the first place.

    And I'm not going to spend two hours researching Vietnam movie quotes so I can litter them over the next four pages and show off how savvy and rownload I am. Instead I'm going to tell download about what happened while I played and how the code is coming along.

    How's that for a novel concept? The game starts off in a chopper as endemic in Vietnam films as young-yokel-steps-on-a-mine sceneswith you dangling your legs off the side and your new base of operations downlosd beneath you. It drives home right from the start that Vietcong has learned the lesson so many shooters frse in recent times about bloody time, considering Half-Life is more than four years old.

    That is that easing you into the action by letting you act like a normal human being for a while is much more immersive than watching a five-minute cut-scene full of explosions and people talking.

    Vietcong Download | GameFabrique

    So, you can turn around and watch the pilot, almost feel the wind coming from the rotors, listen to the chatter of your fellow passengers, and even suck your breath in as you look downloae if, like me, you're afraid of heights. Once you're on the downloaad, you can watch the Huey fly away, admiring the beauty of it, go off and explore the barracks, shoot some of the available weapons or get on with the game and talk to the CO. Then, it's off to the first mission, where you get to drive a jeep -keyboard to direct vehicle, mouse to move your head around - and visit a local village of tribesmen, before having to throw download to the ground when a VC sniper starts taking pot-shots at you and your fellow officers.

    It takes you a while to realise which direction the fire is coming from. Cue several deaths and reloads, plus a moment or two to get over the scream of agony that accompanies getting hit by a bullet while your heartbeat almost deafens you, and another moment to become aware that the beating is coming from the game and not your chest. Once you spot the ducking figure in the distant hills, there are a few more deaths before you see where your teammates have taken cover.

    Because them's no chance of taking out the sniper by just charging blindly. Instead, you have to wait for a soldier to dwonload some suppressive fire, see the sniper take cover, and advance little by little behind fallen trunks and large rocks until you're close enough to take a shot at him. Then you can start breathing again. Don't worry, I'm not about to give you a blow-by-blow account of the whole game, thereby robbing you of the pleasure of experiencing it first-hand.

    But that should give you a taster of the level of intensity and the type of game we're talking about here. Free that taking out a lone enemy free what you'll be doing most of the time. That's just a way of easing you into things. The typical mission has you trawling through the dense jungle, guided by a South Vietnamese soldier that's the non-communist side, for all you history drop-outs who knows exactly where to go and can spot enemies and traps better than anyone.

    You have a medic to heal your wounds although each time he can fix you up a bit lessa radioman so you can keep in constant contact with HQ, as well as a machine gunner and an engineer. When Le Duy Nhut - that's your Vietnamese guide - spots an enemy it will appear as a red dot on your radar and you can get ready for all hell breaking loose. The air grows thick with bullets, there's shouting and swearing all around you and, unless you can pick out an enemy head among the tree bark and heavy foliage, you'll be dead or lying on the ground praying for it all to be over.

    That's what jungle warfare is all about. The jungle setting is really what makes Vietcong download from other vietcojg, with Pterodon having developed the engine specifically for recreating big, vietclng and heavily populated environments. Vietcong this stage, it's still rough around the edges, but you can already see how vietfong thick vegetation turns the traditional corridor-hunt that defines most FPSs on its head.

    In doqnload, because of that and the teambased element, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was more of a tactical sim than the adrenaline-packed action vietcong that it is. Although you are reminded at times of that other great Czech game, Operation Flashpoint mostly because of ful, vehicles, team members and big forest spacesVietcong's engine is much better and delivers some intense, fast-paced shooting action.

    The command interface is also straightforward, in a sort of simplified SWAT 3 way. You can't give very specific orders, but this is because Vietcong is full and foremost a shooter, not a tactical game in the vein of Ghost Recon. As such, your teammates have minds of their own, and act as soldiers in their situation would, without the need for constant prompting. This requires pretty good Al, and even at this early stage we can confirm that this is an area where Vietcong shines brightly.

    It's not so much that they take cover when shot at you expect any Al character to do that now. It's more the way they take positions around you, providing covering fire when needed. You can call the medic when you're injured, but if he sees you he'll come over and heal you anyway. The characters around you full made even more realistic by their personalities.

    Download Vietcong (Windows) - My Abandonware

    Where other team games have silent NPCs who occasionally give or rull orders, here everyone yaks their head off, bitching, boasting or just making small vietfong. This way each member of your team comes through as a distinct individual, and you really get the feeling that you're part of a group of people. Or at least you should.

    I can't comment on the quality of the acting which will of course be crucial to whether this works or not because the version I played only had placeholder voices laid down by game testers, somewhat detracting from the experience.

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