Windows server 2012 interview questions and answers pdf download

windows server 2012 interview questions and answers pdf download

To do this, first, you need to create a subscription to the report. At the report subscription, you xkik apk download mention the report downlad and the email address of the recipient. Reporting Services does not import data. It only queries data in whatever format it is stored in its native storage wibdows. Subscriptions are functionality with SSRS that pushes or delivers reports to multiple users on an automatic and scheduled basis. SVR Training Online. It is the project template used to create Managed Reports.
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  • Create windows data-driven subscription that uses the Null Delivery Provider. When you specify the Null Delivery Provider as the method of delivery in the subscription, the report server targets the report server database as the delivery destination and uses a specialized rendering extension called the null rendering extension. In contrast with other delivery extensions, the Null Pdf Provider does not have delivery settings and you can configure through a subscription definition.

    Two server modes are available for Reporting Services: server mode and SharePoint integrated mode. The server mode uqestions select is closely connected to the structure and usage of the report server databases so if you change modes you must create a new database. With it, you connect to the database server with your credentials. While models that provide access to SQL Server Analysis Services are automatically generated on the report server, the Report Builder Model Designer can be used to generate or modify the models that are built on top of SQL Server relational databases.

    These model-building projects are a new type of project within a Visual Studio-based development shell. To tune-up, the Reporting Services, follow the below mentioned ways: — Expand the Server or utilizing the reporting services of another database server. Using nolockthe issues of locking can well be resolved and the performance of answers query can be improved. This can be done by using dirty read at the time of duplicating the data is unavailable.

    They allow developers to integrate. NET, Java, C codes into the report or embed the report into the codes. It is a development platform that can be used by in-house developers or third-party independent software vendors to create either Microsoft Windows or Web Reporting applications. Your ssrver can anseers be deployed on a reporting services site. Your only option for viewing them from other sites is an HTTP link.

    Some download, like SharePoint, offer controls allowing you to view reports in the context of the other websites, but the report is still deployed to aswers hosted from reporting services. By accessing this interview service you can access all report server downloac and also get the report deployed on the report server. The report server can lay up a copy of the processed report in memory and return the copy when a user opens the report.

    This server memory is known as cache and the process is called caching. How can you change the server URL? Storing SQL queries directly in text format in the data should be avoided. Azure Training Instead, it should be stored in a stored procedure in the database questions. The advantage is that the SQL would be in a compiled format in an SP and gives all the benefits of SP compared to using an ad-hoc query from the report.

    Reporting services components assist in development. These processing components include some tools that are used to create, manage 2012 view reports. Mention what method you can use to reduce the overhead of Reporting Services data sources? Before you can questionss installing Reporting Services, you must make several decisions and perform several preparation tasks:. Office SharePoint Server provides several additional business intelligence features that enable you to integrate reports into dashboard pages using a Report Viewer Web Part with SharePoint filter Web Parts.

    Name some of the open source software that you can use in an alternative to SSR? Because only the Adobe PDf file, Word, and Image rendering extensions use physical page breaks, they are the only formats that are affected by the PageSize properties.

    windows server 2012 interview questions and answers pdf download

    Data regions are report items that show repeated rows of summarized information from datasets. Different data regions include. The Report Server Service can be run under a built-in service account, a Windows account on your local computer, or in your network domain. Caching reports enable users to access and view reports much faster. SSRS does allow Cache reports on the reporting server. NET applications. In downlod to publishing reports to a report server, you can build reports using the Report Designer that is directly integrated with Visual Studio language projects.

    NET Web application without access to a report server. The data access in embedded reports is a natural ansqers of the Visual Studio data facilities. Not only can you use traditional databases as a source of data for your reports, but you can also use object collections as well. Reports can be categorized into operational and analytical reports. The distinction is based on the source of data and level windoas analysis facilitated by any particular report.

    Downloda reports are based on OLTP sources and are static reports and Analytical reports are based on OLAP sources and generally facilitate drill-down and drill-through for analysis. Technically, SSRS reports can be categorized into parameterized, linked, snapshot, cached, etc…. Pdf you drag an image item from the Toolbox window to the Report Designer, the Image Properties dialog box automatically opens. Which Property Do You Use?

    To configure an amount to display a value anxwers a currency format, select the report item, and then set the format property to C or c. Ans:- D. False Ans:- B. According to Jonathan Hassell, Find what is a good practice to follow with forest trusts? Use shortcut trusts B. Keep a current list of all trust relationships in the forest C. Back up and ensure you have answers capability D. All of the above Ans:- D. According to Gary Olsen, domain controller load can be insufficient for the following reason s : A.

    The number of authenticated clients is unpredictable because multiple DCs share the load for clients in and out of the site. A and C only E. A, B, and C Ans:- E. About how many settings are in a server Group Policy Object A. In Find what version of Windows did Microsoft adopt Kerberos as an authentication policy? Windows NT B. Windows Server R2 C. Windows Server D.

    Windows Ans:- C. Internet Message Access Protocol B. Post Office Protocol C. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol D. E-mail Ans:- C. Windows Registry B. Internet Explorer C. Windows D. Roaming user profile Ans:- D. LM hash B. NTLM C. Samba software D. Integrated Windows Authentication Ans:- Interview. Server Message Block D. Ethernet Ans:- A. Mac OS X B. Berkeley DB C.

    Berkeley Software Distribution D. OSI model B. Integrated Services Digital Network C. Universal Serial Bus D. Physical Layer Ans:- B. Mandatory access control B. Active Directory C. Role-based access ansqers Ans:- D. Microsoft B. Microsoft Office D. Microsoft Windows Ans:- A. Windows Server B. Windows Server C. Microsoft Windows B. Windows Vista C.

    OUs C. Group Policy Maintenance console B. Domain Policy Interviwe console C. Group Policy Management Console D. Active Directory Domains and Trusts console B. Active Directory Pfd and Computers console D. First we have to install system credential from Uipath manage package then we will save all windows in credential manager. For database automation you have to install Uipath. The download machine is the emulation of the computer science.

    If you efficiently want to process 2012 automation in the Citrix machines then you will need techniques and tool. The Citrix automation in uipath is used windoss operating the virtual machine. Thin client: It is windoows application that we cannot get the quality properties while and using any RPA tool. Any virtual environment. Thick questions It quetsions an 20122 that we get a pretty handful of attribute features using RPA tool e.

    A virtual machine VM is an emulation aswers a computer System. As the click activity is not reliable in not very reliable in virtualized environments.

    windows server 2012 interview questions and answers pdf download

    Debugging is the process of identifying and removing errors from a given project. Coupled with logging, it becomes a powerful functionality that offers you information about your project and step-by-step highlighting, so that you can be sure that it is error-free. Logging enables you to display details about what is happening in your project in the Output panel. This, in turn, makes it easier for you to debug an automation. Breakpoints enable you to pause the execution of a project so that you can check its state at a given point.

    Arguments are used to pass data from a workflow to another Workflow. Arguments are used to pass data from a project to another. OUT — A parameter marked OUT usually means that the value of the parameter when it is being passed to the function is not of any importance. In fact, if it being passed by pointer, it may even be required to be NULL, and the function will serger memory and pass a value back to answers. Assign activity is required for this type of argument otherwise this argument will not take any value.

    The Switch activity enables you to select one choice out of multiple, based on the value of a specified expression. Each branch of a FlowSwitch activity is called a FlowStep. For Each— allow you to iterate through interviea answers of items. It can windows an array, a list, a datatable etc. For each row-When using For each you need to specify the data type and because you might need to iterate through a datatable more often you have the specific Activities for Data tables.

    Parallel for Each-Asynchronously executes a series of activities on each element of 201 enumeration, in parallel. Yes, I have worked on the virtual machine automation previously. Exception Handling mainly deals with handling errors with respect to various activities in UiPath. Rethrow is used when you want activities to occur before the exception is thrown. Terminate workflow is used to terminate the workflow the moment the task encounters an error.

    Throw activity is used when you want to throw error before server execution of the step. To solve such kind of errors, you can use a Try-Catch block. So, you can put the browser part in the Try section, and then either put a Message box or any other activity in the catch server. After this is done, you can mention the necessary questions, in the Finally block. So these activities would be executed after the Try-Catch block.

    Data scraping enables you to extract structured data from your browser, application or document to a database. Output or screen scraping methods refer to those activities that enable you to extract data from a specified UI element or document, such as a. Output panel is that type of panel where you will get the output or result of execution. The Outline panel displays the project hierarchy, all available variables and nodes.

    You can highlight activities in this panel by selecting them in the Designer panel, or you can go to a specific activity by selecting it in the Outline quedtions. Excel automation with UiPath. An efficient tool to sort, delete, retrieve and analyses information. Easy to migrate and integrate data into platforms. There are lots of way to get the column value. There is Get questlons item activity through that quetions.

    You can get all data of proper column. This should be used when a reliable selector is not available. Anwers Element-Waits for the specified UI element to appear on the screen to be in the foreground and returns it as a UiElement variable. Through read range we read all data of excel, through read cell we read proper cell, through read csv we read all csv data, through write csv. Email is that type of automation where we can automate all the email manual steps like sending the mail, receiving the mail, attaching the attachments, downloading the attachments.

    IMAP stands for internet map access protocol, through imap we can receive the customized mail. Get outlook -Through get outlook pdf we can receive the static mail Smtp-it stands for simple mail transfer protocol for sending the dynamic mail Send Outlook-Through interview activity we can automatically send the static mail. Add a new Flowchart questions inside drag and drop a new Sequence. Rename the Sequence to Download Email Attachment. Drag and drop a new Assign activity and set the EmailAddress to your email address.

    Drag download drop a new Get Password activity and set the EmailPassword variable. Drag and drop a new For Each activity and inside of it drop an If activity. It should look like this:. For each item in the MailMessages check if the subject contains a specific word. For example, get emails with a request word in the subject. Use Contains interview. Inside Then branch drag and drop the Save Attachment activity. Set the Message as item variable and select the path where to download the email attachment.

    If you want to download only specific files use the Filter option on Save Attachment activity. For example, if you want to download only. There are two ways to filter the email i we can filter through if condition in widnows each loop. For pdf automation you have to install pdf from manage package-Uipath. There are more than 8 intervieq in orchestrator like Robot, process, Machine ,Schedule, assetQueue. For more information, see Publishing a Project from Studio to Orchestrator.

    A project becomes a package when it is published to Orchestrator from Studio. After creating a process deploying a package to an environmentthe next step is to execute it download the assigned Robots. This downloac be done manually from the Jobs page or in a preplanned manner, from the Schedules page.

    You can assign Robots to perform different schedules according to the following options: f Asset:- Assets usually represent shared pdf or credentials that can be used in different automation projects. They give you the opportunity to store specific information so that the Robots can easily have access to it. Int, Credential, Boolean, Text g And A queue is a container that enables you to hold an unlimited number of items. Queue items can store multiple types of data, such as invoice information or customer details.

    This information can be processed in other systems — SAP or Salesforce, for instance. Types of asset in Orchestrator? How to pass data from Asset? Add Queue item-it is used for uploading data to queue. Get Queue Item-it is used for getting the data from queue for all transactions. Get transactions —It is used for getting the single transactions from queue. Add a Delay activity and connect it to the 0212 added activity.

    Select the activity, and in the Properties panel, in the Duration field, type This is the 20 seconds delaythat is going to be between the two logged messages. There are lots of mostly used desktop activities like Open application, interivew application, create folder, save attachments, attach window. UiPath Go! Entirely flow is state machine.

    You can split your process in smaller project. State machine-A state 2012 is a type of automation that uses a finite number of states in its execution. Quewtions can go into a state when wjndows is triggered by an activity, and it exits that state when another activity is triggered. It is an algorithm that enables human like recognition of user interface using a mix 2012 AI, OCR, text fuzzy —matching, and an anchoring system to tie it all together.

    Robot status:- a Available — The Robot is not running a process and is free to be used; b Windows The Robot is running a process c Disconnected:- The Robot and Orchestrator have not communicated in the last two minutes; d Unresponsive — The UiPath Robot service is not running. Queue Status:- a New:- the item has just been added to the queue with the Add Queue Item activity, or the item was postponed or a deadline was added to it. After the Robot finishes retrying the item, the status changes to Failed or Successful, according to your workflow.

    What are the basic differences between UiPath and Automation Anywhere? Bot Development: Development team works and fulfilling the requirements for the automation tasks. User-friendly: Robotic Process Automation Softwares are usually very easy to use and understand. There is no need to have special or extra knowledge for users to use RPA. Coding is not required: No coding is required for the employees who work on RPA. They only need to have knowledge regarding how the RPA works.

    Top 45+ Practice SSRS Interview Questions [ANSWERED] in

    More efficient results in less time: They never make mistakes qestions humans do. Once you provide them with the right data along with rules and regulations, they will execute the same without any errors. Easy to use: The intefview required for automating tasks is minimal and not required anymore. So it can be done by simply dragging and dropping into the system.

    What are the factors that are encouraging the organizations to proceed with RPA according to you? As of today most of the business organizations are adopting RPA and the following factors that drive most of the organizations to adopt RPA are:. RPA robots provide an easy way to tackle downlooad accurately even if the employees are out of an organization. Let us assume you need to handle an RPA project and provided inadequate skills to process, then would you reject the project or find an alternative?

    Leaving questikns project is not at all a correct decision. The fact is that there are many alternatives available for RPA and most of the alternatives have a short duration. So, we can work on it or solve the intervied and gain additional skills required for the project by choosing alternatives. Support and alternatives play an important role to assist in this type of projects. It is used to automate repetitive tasks. It also reduces the human interventions.

    System Administrator Interview Questions And Answers Global Guideline. COM Explain Proxy Server? Answer: A proxy server is a computer that acts as a gateway between a local network (e.g., all the computers at one company or in one building) and a larger-scale network such as the Internet. Proxy servers provide increased performance and security. Apr 04,  · In Windows Server and Windows 8, Group Policy Objects give administrators the ability to select new Internet Explorer policies. A. True B. False Ans: A. Active Directory Rights Management Services is designed to give complete control of all documents stored in RMS-enabled applications. A. True B. False Ans: B. If you are looking for job and not sure about the questions which are asked in the interview for UiPath. EmergenTeck is providing you Top + UiPath interview questions and answers which will help you clearing your interview with ease. The questions that comes in interviews are very confusing and becomes really tricky.

    Sequences — Sequences are the smallest type of project. Suitable to linear processes, enabling you to smoothly go from one activity to another. Flowcharts — suitable to a more complex business logic, enabling you to integrate decisions and connect activities in a more diverse windows, through multiple branching logic operators. State Machines — suitable for very large projects; it uses a finite number of states in its execution which are triggered by a condition transition or activity and it exits that state when another activity is triggered.

    Only one Global Exception Handler can be set per automation project. Attended — operates on the same workstation as a human, to help the user accomplish daily tasks. It is usually triggered by user events. You cannot start a process from Orchestrator on this type of Robots, and they cannot run under a locked screen. They can be started only from the Robot tray or from the Command Prompt.

    Attended Robots should only run under human supervision. Unattended — run unattended i. Non-Production — retains all the features of the Unattended Robot, but it should be used only for development and testing purposes. Development — has the features of an Unattended Robot, but it and be used only to connect your Download to Orchestrator, for development purposes.

    Input actions required by the user or the robot, to directly interact with an open application or web page. It does not support background execution. It does not support hotkeys. FullText is the default method. It is fastest and accurate, and works in background execution. It works only with 2012 applications. Native method is accurate and faster than OCR.

    It can extract server position but cannot extract hidden text. It does not pdf background execution and Citrix. It can extract Text position. Assets usually represent shared variables or credentials that can be used in different automation projects. An extra level of security is provided, as all credentials stored here are encrypted with the AES algorithm. They can be invoked by RPA developers when designing a process, but their values can be hidden from them.

    The Packages page displays all the projects published from UiPath Studio, as well as the ones that were manually uploaded. On this page, a user can view and delete versions of all the answers that had been published from UiPath Studio, as well as those that were uploaded manually. A process represents the association between a package and an environment. Each time a package is linked to an environment, it becomes available for all the Robot machines that belong to that environment.

    The Processes page enables you to deploy an uploaded package to Robot environments, manage previously created associations and keep all your processes up to date. This helps you distribute packages on the Robot machines and execute processes faster from the Jobs. An Orchestration Job is a Job whose sole responsibility is to orchestrate the execution of other Jobs, questions is, to execute a Job, wait for it to finish, execute the next Job on successful completion, or handle errors should the Job fail.

    RE Framework is a framework provided by UiPath to help developers build processes quicker and interview best practice principles. It gives you the fundamental code to create more robust processes. This involves clean starts and exists, automated recoveries, retries, status management, logging and clean coding. What are the projects you have worked on? What are difficulties faced and how did you overcome them?

    It depends on Answers of candidate. Also Explain difficulties faced and how did they overcome them. The Machines page enables you to provision and manage machines, with the purpose of further using them to register Robots to Orchestrator. It displays the existing machines and their types. It enables you to create your own machine, be it Standard or Template.

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    It should be used when the name of the machine on which you want to define Robots remains the same each time you connect to it. You define the machine once, and then can connect to any number of Robots in the Robots page. It should be used when the name of the machine on which you want to define Robots changes every time. You define this entity once and then connect to any number of Attended Floating Robots using a unique Active Directory username.

    SQL DBA AlwaysOn scenario based interview questions and answers

    The Machines page in Orchestrator enables you to provision and manage machines, with the purpose of further using them to register Robots to Orchestrator. Excel read range must be used in Excel Application Scope only whereas Workbook Read range do not need Excel sheet to be opened. Do we need excel installed on system when we use workbook read range activity? A Flowchart specific activity that splits the control flow into three or more branches, out of which a single one is executed based on a specified condition.

    Queue is a list of items that you want to be processed by Robots. When you create a queue in Orchestrator, it is empty. To populate the queue with items, change their status and process them, you have to use activities from Studio.

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    A queue is a container that enables you to hold an unlimited number of items. The Queues page enables you to create queues, view information about queue items such as average execution time and the total number of successful transactionsdisplay charts with the transaction status progress over time. Queues pdf you to create large automation projects underlined by complex logic. For example, you can create a process that collects all invoice information and creates a queue item for each piece of data to store it.

    Subsequently, you can create another process that gathers the information from Orchestrator, and uses it to perform additional tasks, such as paying the invoices in a different application, postponing their payment according to their due date or value, sending emails to the accounting team every time a bill is paid, questilns.

    Add Queue Item answers servdr the queue with items and defines a time frame when these items must be processed. By default, when an item is added sevrer the queue its status is New. Get Transaction Item — gets an item from the queue so that you can process it start the transaction and sets its status to In Progress. Application Exceptions should be used when the app you are automating fails, while Business Exceptions should be used when a certain queue item value does not meet a business requirement.

    Only items that fail with an Application Exception are retried if you also configure the Auto-Retry options in the queue, in Orchestrator. Add Transaction Item — adds intevriew item in the queue, starts the transaction and sets the status to In Progress. Postpone Transaction Item — adds time parameters between which a transaction must be processed not before Defer Date and no later than Due Date.

    By default, the queue items that have been processed successfully are archived on a daily basis, while the others remain in the queue so that you server decide what to do with them. For e. Technology Software bots download ansqers to complete monotonous tasks that humans would normally do Encompasses xnswers wide range of software technology questions such as workflow engine, business analytics,etc. Qestions impact Returns can be acquired quickly and cost-effectively.

    BPM is expensive for enterprise applications. Which state in REFramework and would be executed next and Why? In Windows, you can view and manage your network-based download credentials i. With UiPath, you can automate the process of creating, querying and deleting the credentials through some dedicated activities. Windows get credentials from the windows credential manager, you have to use the Get Secure Credential activity.

    If suppose there are 2 excel and Each Excel contains records each. If Suppose records is added into Another Second Excel? How would you Compare and Fetch Records from Excel? Full-time equivalent FTE : the amount of work a full-time employee does in a department, or on a certain project. It is nothing but the number of employees who are doing manual activities and if you implement RPA how many Interview you will save.

    There are separate set in-built commands supported by Blue Prism especially for mainframe applications. I am your client, you give me two workflows one with activities and one with using recording. Which one you suggest me to use and why? Suppose there is url which is dynamic? How would automate Url in UiPath Studio? What is questions for dynamic url? How many. How would publish multiple Process to Orchestrator? The Answer to Question depends on candidate Project and number of processes that user creates for the Project.

    Orchestrator will trigger based on the reference xaml given in project. Main The entry point of the automation project. Pdf consists of an. It is displayed both as the title of the Designer panel and in the Properties panel in Studio. If you want to execute a different project first, change the value of this parameter to the name of the. Note : If your automation project contains multiple files, each of them should be linked to the Main.

    This is especially useful when the project is published to Orchestrator and sent to a Robot, as the Robot windods only the file provided in this parameter. The file holds information about the project dependencies. Suppose there are 5 different Processes, how would you schedule all these processes in Orchestrator? Schedules enable you to execute jobs in a pre planned manner, at regular intervals on Robots.

    Input values for processes which support input and output parameters can be interview at this level as well. You can assign Robots to perform different schedules according to the following options:. The Schedules page enables you to create new schedules. It also displays all previously created schedules, which can be further edited, enabled, or disabled.

    A scheduled job can also be stopped after windows custom amount of time with the Stop or Kill options on the Actions tab. Credentials are one of Asset types used in Orchestrator. They are used to store credentials in Orchestrator. Credentials contains usernames and passwords that the Robot requires to execute particular processes, such as login details for SAP or SalesForce and gmail credentials.

    The Get Asset and Get Credential activities used in Studio request information from Orchestrator about a specific asset, according 2012 a provided AssetName. If the AssetName provided in Studio coincides with the name of an asset stored in the Orchestrator database, and the Robot has the required permissions, the asset information is retrieved and used by the Robot when executing the iterview project. NET to retrieve 2012 from different sources and formats.

    We can retrieve data from list, arrays, datatables. It is integrated eownload C or VB, thereby eliminating the mismatch between programming languages and databases, as well as providing a single querying interface for different types of data sources. LINQ queries return results as objects. It enables you to uses object-oriented approach on the result set and not to worry about transforming different formats of results into objects. In the above example, string array names is a data source.

    Suppose there are rows and 50 columns, Suppose I and to select any random row data? How server can be done? Answers 0, dtVariable.

    Top 90+ SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers | KITS

    Count starts at 1, whereas dtVariable. Rows index starts at 0 i. When this happens, part of the dynamic attributes often remain unchanged and we somehow have to specify the variable parts. This can be done using wildcards:. A direct consequence when using wildcards is the increased probability of there being more and more nodes matching the Selector. If you do not have excel installed on your system. How would you use excel activity in UiPath Studio?

    UiPath Studio offers you the possibility to work with Excel using specialized activities. These activities are stored in the UiPath Excel activities package. Which automation would be used? If you have of data in queue and there are 5 robots you inyerview to distribute data among them, how you can do it without using queue activity. To distribute records of data in queue on 5 robots among them without using queue activity, we need to set up an Excel or CSV file that is in a shared location accessible by all your questiosn.

    I have process of two different version how will you identify them at the time of deploying? If yes then how you can update credentials?

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