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    Archived from the original on September 5, Retrieved August 18, Retrieved April 1, Retrieved May 21, The Official Stargate Magazine.

    Retrieved March 23, Retrieved February 10, Retrieved August 23, Retrieved Retrieved August 9, Retrieved March 30, Retrieved September 17, General references "Stargate Universe Episodes". TV Guide. Retrieved January 16, MSN TV. Archived from the original on September 2, Archived from the original on January 20, Awards Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5.

    Awards Episodes Season 1 2. Characters Nicholas Rush Matthew Scott. Mythology of Stargate Ori Stargate device. Categories : Lists of Canadian television series episodes Lists of American science fiction television series episodes Stargate episodes Stargate Universe episodes. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Official website not in Wikidata.

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    Download as PDF Printable version. October 2, June 11, September 28, May 9, October 9, October 16, October 23, William Waring. October 30, Ernest Dickerson. November 6, November 13, November 20, Alan McCullough.

    List of Stargate Universe episodes - Wikipedia

    December 4, April 2, April 9, April 16, April 23, April 30, May 7, May 14, May 21, universe June 4, Robert C. October 5, October 12, Robert Carlyle. October 19, October 26, November 2, November 9, Daniel Meets His Match When caffeine mixes with an alien drug, turning the normally understanding Daniel stargate an overbearing boss, Jack performs an intervention.

    In the process, Sam has to stand up download her friend, and Teal'c gets to show his soft side. Kayla Jack and Daniel meet a very special young woman. Will she become the mother of their children, or are they in for a big disappointment? First, because the story arc that ends Season 7 and begins Season 8 starts with Inauguration Day, which would be January 20, in the Download, many stories will take place long before the "official" season unfolded.

    The Name Game Jack and Daniel celebrate Daniel's birthday while pondering names for their future children. The Pact After once again coming face-to-face with their mortality, Jack and Daniel review their pact and make some important amendments now that they've decided to have children. Universe Bad Day Jack is having a bad morning. Can his day get any worse? Mixing the Old and the New It's the face-off of the husband and the ex-husband when Sara and Mark Wilson invite Jack and Daniel to dinner for the very first time.

    Sharpshooter Secret Current events trigger free nightmare from Daniel's past. Haunted by long ago happenings, he debates sharing the truth with Jack. Final Justice Jack and Daniel's plans for a romantic getaway are interfered with when Daniel disappears. Later, the two come face-to-face with the person who has been after them for months.

    What follows is anything but romantic. Surprising Jack - Again Daniel wants to do something special for Jack's birthday, but he's full of self-doubt about it. Can he go through with it, and will Jack's Mr. Jealousy from Daniel's secret cause problems? Bobbin' for Archaeologists Jack takes Daniel to a Halloween party which results in one very crazy, but entertaining, evening. Twinkie Wars It's a crazy but oddly typical twenty-four hours for Jack and Daniel.

    Return to Juan de Fuca Jack and Daniel celebrate their first wedding anniversary by returning to the place of their wedding. But will their final mission through the Stargate Inauguration Day Jack and Daniel relax at home while the country welcomes a new commander-in-chief. How will the new President react to the news of the Stargate? Amacuse Having just returned to active duty, Jack and Daniel are faced with another crisis, one that threatens free future of Stargate Command, SG-1, and their life together.

    My General Jack gets promoted, and Daniel makes plans. Who Shot Me? After Jack shoots Daniel, the archaeologist doesn't get mad; he gets even! A General No More? Jack is upset with Sam for having ignored his orders, and he's not so sure he wants to be a general anymore, either. Get a Life, People As Jack tries to get home to his lover, he has another one of those crazy commanding days.

    Fun in the Sun Jack wants to play with his truck, but Daniel's in the mood for love. Will the lovers survive a misunderstanding, or will they be sunk trying? Games People Play Jack and Daniel relive some unpleasant memories when Teal'c ends up part of an elaborate video game and can't get out. Freedom Jack and Daniel confront the issue of rights versus national security when Teal'c finally moves off the base. Alien Drugs Are Yuck Jack and Stargate have a small crisis off-world, and then get a pleasant surprise Meanwhile, Jack and Daniel go about their business, at home and at the Mountain.

    Fizzle and Sizzle If you were Jack, and you had seen Daniel and Sam greeting Ishta's people in the gate room, wouldn't you be jealous, too? A Little Night's Romance It's a special anniversary for Jack and Daniel as they celebrate seven years of their togetherness as a couple. See You Soon Jack's angry, and once again, Daniel is trying to figure out why.

    Gemini Minus One While Sam and Teal'c are battling the Replicator image of Sam, Jack and Daniel debate how things should proceed, whether or not Sam should be held accountable for her decisions made at the Alpha Site, and the upcoming mission to Atlantis. Between Two Worlds How do you define life, and when you're 16 going on 53, how do you survive day by day?

    How will Daniel feel when the shoe is on the other foot? The Chicago Caper Jack and Daniel host a murder mystery party. Who's the victim, and who will successfully solve the crime?

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    Giving Back In a time of crisis, Jack and Daniel help others to find hope. Download Yes No Jack's thing universe peridot jeopardizes his night of love with Daniel. It combines the canon episodes of S9 and S As with S6 episodes free are 'Danielized', S9 and S10 are 'Jackized' and altered to match my universe.

    Fics are compressed for the most part to occur from September through most of February Email Education Jack and Daniel communicate with someone who might be key to their future life. Sunshine Down SG-1 survives another mission, only to be tossed into a confusing situation stargate lands them into a sea of SG-1 teams. Visceral Discord Daniel struggles downlooad ethics, personal and professional, when the team comes face to face with Anubis' clone.

    Bad Guy Rebels SG-1 gates to a world in search of weaponry and ends up in a hostage situation where they are accused stargatr being rebels against the government.

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    What Must Be Daniel comes to a reluctant conclusion, and it's one that could have deadly consequences for everyone he knows, including his beagles. What Must Happen As the battle with the Ori continues, universe Jack and Daniel have to endure individual battles of their own with their souls. What Must Occur SG-1 continues to lead the battle against the Ori, risking their lives in the process, and then take time out to celebrate Christmas.

    What Must Transpire As a new year dawns, the war with Ori intensifies, Sam deals with a crisis, free Jack and Daniel face a painful separation. It's a Clone's Life General Jack decides it's time to make a move where his youthful clone is concerned. Jack has retired and download clearing out his office with Daniel's help. What is stargate that Daniel finds that could threaten their happiness?

    Ten Months Jack and Daniel finally start their family. Witness it all, from the insemination through those first crazy weeks when they come home from the hospital. Flying High Jack and Daniel attend an unofficial Air Force Academy reunion where things don't go smoothly, but while there, Daniel makes a discovery.

    Oshkosh U. Jack and Daniel take Jo to the big experimental air show in Oshkosh, where they run into some friends. Daniel Jackson - Universe Boy? Daniel stargate to become a pilot. Will his sultry instructor cause Jack's Mr. Jealousy to commit murder? Wynken, Blynken, and Nod Daniel worries over being a good universw, but a simple story comforts him and the children.

    Little Racers Jack and Daniel introduce the Munchkins to the world of racing, and Daniel makes a stunning realization! Rockin' Robin Sara drops by, bringing with her a very special remembrance of yesterday. Fledgling Cogitation A glimpse into the life of young Daniel Jackson, as told from parent to child. Paybacks are Sweet Daniel delivers some sweet payback to Jack, which naturally leads iniverse some sweet Download and Daniel lovin'.

    Erin Go Bragh On St. Patrick's Day, Jack gives the Munchkins their first introduction to their Irish heritage. For Daniel, however, it's a 'D'oh of Torture'. Threads Life is like a fabric, various threads linking different experiences together. Free is the story of some of those threads for Jack and Daniel as the years pass. Warm Traditions Daniel brings out something special for Christmas Eve.

    Stranded On their way home from a brief getaway, Jack and Daniel find themselves stranded. Angelic Surprise Jack and Daniel get an emotional surprise download a busy and hectic day. The story was revised free with consistency revisions done in and The Jackson-O'Neills suffer a loss just as they free for their first family dig in Egypt. What downlaod will be uncovered as rownload excavate Abydos, and what person from their past will endanger their family?

    Oops, Someday I Hope to Understand What do you do when the person you admire almost more than anyone else lets you down big time? That's the question Jennifer has to answer, and her parents can do nothing but sit back and watch. Tribulations Celebrating Valentine's Day with a night stargate, Jack and Daniel run across an unusual site that threatens to interfere with their romantic evening.

    Goodnight, Everything Jack and Daniel enjoy time with their babies. Toddler Jonny gets a lesson on being a toddler. Innocence Be Gone The Munchkins are toddlers with a growing understanding of the world that may lead to download early loss of their innocence and leave their parents in stargate difficult position. Stargate Jack and Daniel are asked to officially rejoin the Stargate Program.

    Universe they do, stargte will it mean for their family and their business? The Morgans Go Home As Jack and Daniel return to the Stargate Program, their family enjoys Chenoa's third birthday and embark on a surprising and emotional journey to the home where the Mouseketeers were raised as the Morgan children. Dad Versus Daddy Universe Mouseketeers face a crisis.

    Can they each handle their problems without hurting their fathers? Million Dollar Baby J-O Enterprises has a chance to land a whopper of a deal, but is the price too high?

    Free HD downloads of Stargate Universe now on iTunes! » GateWorld

    Meanwhile, Jonny finds a new friend. Where Color? The Munchkins experience their first culture shock.

    Oct 01,  · Expect bugs.” DOWNLOAD THE PDF'S HERE · stargate stargate sg-1 stargate sg Recent Posts. Free Numbrix Solver Answers Printable Worksheets January 20, , Master Of The Universe Fanfiction Twilight Forest Wiki English January 22, , Master Of The Universe Fanfiction Twilight Scenes January 24, , Oct 17,  · Master Of The Universe Fanfiction Download Free English Movie. Master Of The Universe Fanfiction Download Free English Movie. Least up to intention of using it. The history of our the General Principles and Of The Universe Revolution. Fashion without doing prejudice is now rare and. Stargate: SG-1, Hellraiser, X-overs, and StarCraft. Stargate Universe is a Canadian-American military science fiction television series created by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper as a spin off from its sister shows, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.. The show has stand-alone episodes as well as multi-part episodes, and it also has more season-long story and character arcs running through every episode than any other Stargate series.

    While there, Daniel gets a big surprise, one that jeopardizes not only his future, but also that of their children. Saturday at the J-O's Jack embarks on a special project with his children, and it leads to a surprising moment at the end of the day. The Disappearance of Daniel Jackson When Daniel disappears without a trace, Jack tries to figure out how to find an archaeologist in a haystack, or is that an universe? Hoops The gang takes time out to shoot some hoops at the Ferretti's. Can Rodney McKay deal with his presence?

    Murphy's Law Redeux Daniel has another bad day! Can Jack kiss and make it better, or will their 'Eight is Enough' brood interfere? Room for One More?

    DOWNLOAD [PDF] {EPUB} Stargate Universe: Back to Destiny: qjoxvvea

    Is there room for one more in the Jackson-O'Neill household? Basic Essential Jack and Uhiverse share stargate tender moment while pondering mankind. Blowout Chapters Chapters A plethora of fires blaze for Jack, Daniel, and univfrse family in the form of prejudice, arguments over their past, and how to dowwnload educate their children. Will they be able to put out the fires before the blowout overwhelms them, or tree the fires' combustion consume them?

    Out of Control Jack and Daniel take their brood out for dinner and it is far from a quiet and peaceful outing. The aftermath ends up being even universe surprising. Munchkins Away The Munchkins prepare to download on the universe! I'm a General, Not a Cook Jack finds himself perplexed when Jenny demands something he's not sure he can deliver.

    Lost Jonny and Little Free are missing. Can their parents find them before they fall upon the evil of the night? Noa and the Clowns Chenoa gets sick and misses out on a fun event. Story over? Not if her loved ones have anything to say about it!

    Stargate Universe — Stargate Archives

    Dig for Justice J-O Enterprises accepts an unusual stargate, one that prompts Jack and Daniel to include their children at the dig site and which ultimately brings historic reality to the forefront of their lives. Lemons It's a hot day in Colorado Springs so the children devise a way to cool down. A few lessons are learned along the way. Undomesticated Equines Daniel and one of the universe have an unexpected and potentially dangerous adventure while on a business trip.

    It's Raining Original It's Raining Revised Jack and Daniel decide it's finally time to adopt another child. Will it be as simple as it sounds? Downnload Box in Time Jack and Daniel are adopting three more children, all of whom become curious about their environment, especially the intriguing boxes in all of the children's rooms.

    Luck of the Irish The Munchkins and twins learn more about their Irish heritage as Jack tells a tale that enlightens beyond even his own expectations! The Burning Teal'c learns about a strange Tau'ri ritual. Will he ever be stargate same again? Chocolate Envy It's a bit of an adventure when Little Danny download he wants some chocolate no matter what! A Christmas Miracle Daniel and the children try to get through the Christmas season though Jack download missing and believed to freee dead.

    With the utterance of a single word, changes take hold, forever altering the lives free those we love. Checkmate Jack checks, but it's Little Danny who gets the king! Reading Together Jack and Daniel add a little something to their routine. Later, a surprise visit stirs things up. Life Really Sucks A promotion, a mystery, a visit from a friend, and a madhouse gone wild! In other words, just another day at the Jackson-O'Neill's! Deranged Attack Jack and Daniel face off with a previously unknown enemy who uses an innocent to get their attention.

    The Darndest Things Kids say the darndest things, as Jack and Daniel can cree to as they listen in on their younger children and some of their friends playing in the universe room. Butting In Daniel butts in, Jack goes along, Mr. Jealousy surfaces, and life goes on for the Jackson-O'Neills. That Darn Cat Jack continues to have the family's zoo adore him, whether he likes it or not.

    This time it's Mittens at the center of unvierse fray. Casey's Lament Casey's heart flickers for Alex, while Jack and Daniel share an unexpected pick-me-up. Will the free survive? Is she just enjoying her stay, or is there something more?

    stargate universe download free

    Let the Sun Shine In Jack and Daniel hope to surprise someone special, but they are the surprised themselves when they discover one of their children has an amazing talent. Diamonds in the Rough It's Father's Day, and not everyone is happy about it. Hidden Enemy Jack and Daniel get an unwanted reminder that, even after all these years, they still have enemies. Quake Things are shaking at the Jackson-O'Neill residence. What impact will their departure have on Cheyenne Mountain? General Jonny Takes on Can something normal for their new alien friends become an unexpected miracle for the lovers?

    What other unantcipated joys await the Jackson-O'Neills?

    Stargate - Wikipedia

    Will Tony and Terri become caged specimens, or can Jack and Daniel stop the government from proceeding with their plans? Valissi just smiles. The question is -- who will get the last laugh? Nascency Janet is about to become a grandmother, only when the heck is Cassandra going to have her baby? Decision Time Jennifer faces a turning point, one of many as she begins to leave childhood behind and faces the future as an adult.

    Meanwhile, the family puts on another show. MacBrood The Jackson-O'Neill children, assisted with some special tricks of univrese trade, face off against The Trust while their unsuspecting parents enjoy a romantic univers together. Will the Oval Office ever be the same again? The Smiler J-O Enterprises hires a new employee, but the man has a secret that will both shock and delight Jack and Daniel.

    Out on Strike The brood wants a raise in dkwnload allowances. Jack and Daniel just want the house clean. Who will win the battle of the strike?. Consanguinity Alex and Sunny host an eye-opening dinner party. Windfall A windfall lands on the Jackson-O'Neill's oldest daughter, and it just might change her life forever. Evil's Terror Downlooad confrontation proves to be the catalyst in an important change for Jack and Daniel as well as causing the lovers to fear for the safety of their children.

    Jungle Fever Jack's been Danny-deprived, and it's showing! An April Day downlosd Fiji As part of a project for J-O Enterprises, Daniel takes his stargage on a quick trip to Fiji, but the outing gets interrupted by an unpleasant event. A Worm's Life Fishing, a father, a little boy and his two siblings, and lots of squiggling worms -- it's a combination that isn't as simple as it sounds. Lil Bear Jack has another secret; as tsargate, Daniel finds out. Tripping the Light Fantastic - The Concept The lovers' Minnesota sanctuary suffers growing pains, and it's up to Alex to find the cure.

    Fortunately, the answer results in more warm fuzzies for members of the family. Giggle Factory Jack and Daniel can't stargat but share some laughs in this tale free silliness. A Day at universe Races The Munchkins go racing. Hard Lessons A odwnload mission has a surprising end for SG-1's archaeologist, who is forced to dpwnload some hard lessons. Hafta Try The brood sees a wrong, and they stargaate out to try to right it.

    Bahamas Bound Two teenagers, two parents, and a few days in the Bahamas. Love in Bloom Having returned from a vacation with his parents and sister, Free has a heart-to heart with Chely. One Bad Apple A trip to the market proves to downloda very revealing for Jack and some of the kids. The who, what, when, where, why, and how unfolds and begins here in chapter 1. Louis park, proving that vacations aren't always fun and universe.

    Then, after meeting some new friends, Jack gets a chance to share some Gaelic with his lover. Patch JD gets a new toy, but no one seems to know where it came from. Licks of Approval Beagles, boxers, and humans, oh my! The Bet Jack and Daniel make an unusual bet with their brood. Brood-A-Go-Go In preparation for their parents' anniversary party, the brood take dancing fdee.

    Halloween Madness It's Halloween and that means time for some crazy fun for Jack, Daniel and their brood. Full Throttle Jack and Daniel celebrate another wedding anniversary, only this one has one is full of pint-size surprises. The Party's Over Jack and Daniel's anniversary party winds down, but while the party is over, the after effects are only just beginning. Noa Grows Up Chenoa turns seven and learns that growing up is both painful and joyful.

    In the process, Sam confronts another fear, and Teal'c rownload a mighty challenge. Icicles Reflections of the holiday uiverse and a cozy late night for lovers are the subject of this Christmas tale. SG-Munchkins The Munchkins are on their first official mission with their parents tagging along. Naturally, things don't quite go as planned.

    Resolution Jack makes a Stargate Year's resolution that Daniel believes will download nothing but trouble. Hearts and Wills Who knows what beats within the hearts of the young. It's something only parents can ponder and youngsters can wonder about. Cream Download Just like a pencil needs an eraser, bread needs butter, and Jack needs Daniel, a bagel needs stargate cheese.

    Stargate SG-1 - Home of Jack and Daniel's Happy Fic!

    But It's Armani Alex is all discombobulated over an unexplainable download and ends up going to Bijou and Stargate for advice. Crisis Aislinn and Jenny are worried sick when their beloved guinea pigs become ill. Their family vet is worried, too, as the cavies could die. Heart Attack When someone close to them suffers a heart attack, the Jackson-O'Neill brood jump into action and rally round.

    Our Four Moms Having four mothers is a blessing, most of the time. Digging Deep Jennifer's graduation from high school brings about some interesting surprises for her and the Jackson-O'Neills. Jack's Jock If they're being honest, this is a day neither Jack nor Daniel could never have imagined happening when they first got together. Sticky Jack's lost in a hockey video and gets a big surprise when he finally rejoins the world.

    Rocks and Sons While on business for J-O Enterprises, Daniel and two of his children spend some quality time together. It all sounds good, until their trip suddenly turns into a nightmare. JD experiences his first covert mission, courtesy of big brother Jonny. How will the brood react? Not Just Another Day It's the eighth day of July and for anyone who loves Daniel Jackson, that means one thing: it's not just another day! Thor's Free Thor finally reveals what he did to Bijou and Katie all those years ago!

    Scifi was good universe nbc started to drive there networks in to the ground so that comcarp could buy them. And to think they … Read more ». Who knows, if Syfy had other distribution rights, maybe the show would have survived. I bought the collectors box of SG-1 and all atlantis seasons. Sign Up Login News Tips. Notify of. Oldest Newest. Inline Feedbacks.

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