Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ollie Social?

Ollie Social provides access to unique and authentic communal experiences that are culturally vibrant, intellectually stimulating, physically inspiring and emotionally transformative.

Partnering with thought leaders, industry innovators, and charitable organizations, member events range from weeknight gatherings to weekend outings and group getaways.

Rooted in core values of inclusiveness, sustainability, discovery, and wellness, Ollie Social ignites purposeful conversation, fosters creativity, and mobilizes a cohesive community in support of a kinder, greener and healthier world.

What does the social schedule look like?

The schedule on Ollie Social’s website and the member dashboard is kept up to date with events that are available to members this month. In a typical month, programming will include at least one event per week and two weekend experiences. All of Ollie Social’s programming provide opportunities for members to meet new people, establish a sense of community, and take part in experiences they might not do on their own.

What’s the difference between weekday and weekend offerings?

Weekday events include workshops, activities, and our Ollie Talks series; they’re all great opportunities for networking and meeting your fellow members, and you’re always welcome to bring one guest with you free of charge unless otherwise stated in the event’s description. Weekend experiences include in-city and out-of-city excursional day trips; there is typically a discounted ticket fee for members and a full fare guest fee for friends of members to attend.

How much does Ollie Social cost?

Membership is an annual fee of $250. The payment information you enter on your sign up form is the default payment method we’ll have on file for you. If and when you purchase tickets to any weekend experiences, the applicable ticket price will be charged to that card unless you specify otherwise.

Can anyone become a member?

Yes! Ollie Social is an inclusive community, so there is no social or financial criteria for membership. So far, we have members of all ages across many industries including finance, technology, government, and more.

*Please note that legalities prevent us from accepting members who are under 21 years old since alcohol is served at some of our events. However, we’ll sometimes offer events or experiences that are kid-friendly - be sure to check the descriptions on the member dashboard to find out if children are welcome to attend as guests.

How do I become a member?

To become a member, click the “Join Now” link at the top of the Ollie Social website. Signup is immediate, so once you’ve completed the form, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to the community! From there, you’ll be able to log on to the member dashboard and start RSVPing to this month’s events.